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1:30 am - Tues 7/08/03
A Remote Transmission From Apt 411

A Remote Transmission From Apt 411

Got home from work about an hour ago, then came upstairs for my first walk with Max (Short for "Maxine"), an elderly female pit bull I'm going to be spending a lot of time with over the next week or so(If you didn't read my last entry, I'm dogsitting for my neighbor Remerro while he visits his aunt in NYC).

Coming into the apartment, I was a little confused; I had asked Remerro if I would need to "do anything special" when I was leaving for the day (With Nero, Brad W's dog, Brad wanted me to leave a light on and the radio playing when I wasn't there), and Remerro said no. But as I came in, all the lights were on and the tv was going at full volume, so I guess, just to play it safe, I'll leave the lights and tv on when I leave tomorrow.

I was a little nervous initially, but Max knows me (Remerro is one of the few people I know by name in the building), and was very anxious to go out for her walk, at least until she peed once and pinched a little doggie loaf--Then it was all I could do to get her halfway down the street (It's official; I've finally met a creature lazier than I am!).

She was actually pulling at me to go back inside, but I knew just letting her out to take a dump in front of the building didn't pass muster as a bonafide "walk" (And I figured at least one more "bathroom break" was in the offing).

Fortunately, she just needed a little time to gather herself; We made our way slowly around the block, and as we did, I felt good with the balance I struck between being patient--lots of petting and "good girl!"--and establishing who the "Alpha Dog" was (I think if I'd let Max have her way, we'd still be in front of the building, while she sniffed at the same square foot of ground).

When we got back in, I gave her a couple treats (Making sure to make her "do something" for them, as per Remerro's instructions), then filled her food bowl, which she finished immediately (She eats twice a day. Fairly small portions, considering that she's a good-sized animal, but on the other hand, she's old, and as she demonstrated tonite, not the most active dog on the block, so I imagine it's a weight-control issue).

(As I write this, she's sleeping on the bed, which means I'm going to have to kick her out in a minute, because I'm just about ready for bed myself.)

This is my second time now hanging out in someone else's apartment, and it's interesting to compare and contrast Remerro's place, which is definitely the apartment of an artist--very eclectic and funky--with Brad's place, which was much more clean and spartan, and of course, with my own place (Which I think is closer to Remerro's "funkiness" than Brad's "spartan-ness").

But my how time has flown...A little dog-walking, a little eating, a little television, a little Diaryland, and suddenly it's moving towards 4:00 am.

There'll be time to give you the scoop on my new temporary digs later. Right now, this Dog-Walking Dude has to get to bed.



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