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3:23 pm - Friday, Nov. 11, 2005
A Late Breaking Report

A Late Breaking Report

Fri 11/11/05 (2:00 p.m.)

In all the excitement with auditions and avails and whatnot, a couple things have “slipped by me” in here...

To the surprise (and disappointment) of just about everyone, David S. was back at work on Tuesday.

(Excuse me...we have late-breaking news here...)

Just got off the phone with JS...and I booked House!!!


What I know so far: It shoots on the 21st, pays a little under $800 for the day, I’ll be in the end credits, and they’ll be sending a script to me soon.

I just called Mark and Jane, and Cary and Kay, to tell them the good news. It felt good, to be able to tell the people who have been most instrumental to my continued survival out here that they’re “backing the right horse”.

So whattaya know?

I’m a professional actor!


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