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12:29 pm - Tues 10/10/06
When Things Don't Go Right, What's Left?

When Things Don't Go Right, What's Left?

In a lot of little ways, yesterday just didn't go right for me...

At my commercial audition (For Microsoft), I was paired with someone who didn't seem completely comfortable with the English language.

On my way to work, I got a flat tire.

When I got to work, I discovered they'd switched me on the schedule, from "usher" (One of the better jobs) to "box office" (One of the not-better jobs).

But at each juncture where things "didn't go right", I told myself, "This isn't so bad, really"; I did all right with the audition (And we were supposed to be awkward with each other, so the language thing might actually have helped), my tire went flat close enough to work that I walked it the rest of the way and still got there on time (After work, I just walked my bike to the Metro station, and took the subway home. I got my flat tire fixed this morning), and I ended up not having to do box office after all.

Then I got home around 10:00 (An early night for me), and realized the day had gone worse than I'd realized: I'd forgotten to walk the dog.

I called Mark, got his voicemail, and apologized profusely (I genuinely felt bad, not just for risking the gig, but for letting him down, and for undoubtedly making Lady's day very unpleasant).

(By way of penance, I'm not charging him for the rest of the week.)

Not much in the way of real "news" to report...

I still haven't heard when the commercial is shooting next week, which has become annoying; They've given me a "window" of Monday to Wednesday of next week, but it's only going to shoot one of those days, so that's two days JS hasn't been able to schedule auditions for me, and ditto for Brett. And I don't like the idea of missing out on auditions.

And next week's ArcLight schedule is coming out today, so now the odds are two-out-of-three that I'm going to have a conflict (Not the end of the world, but unnecessarily stressful, and something I like to avoid whenever possible).

But in any case, that should be a fun day...whenever it happens.

Well, I'd like to write more, but time's a-wastin'; Brett & Molly are out of headshots, so I have to run some more over to them (And pick up a scene for tomorrow's casting workshop. This time out, the casting person wanted us to get them in advance), before going to work this evening.

I've been thinking about a "tv/movie" entry, since I don't really have much else to write about these days.

Maybe I'll do that next time...


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