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10:10 am - Sun 8/29/04
What Could Be More Fun Than A Root Canal?
Sat 8/28/04 (1:40 p.m.)

What Could Be More Fun Than A Root Canal?

No real time to write...

Well, time flies when you're procrastinating-- I thought it had been a month, maybe a month-and-a-half, since I last went to the dentist (I'd wanted to see about getting braces; they said I'd need a root canal and a "deep cleaning" first).

It's actually been four months.

The reason I've been putting off going back to the dentist for so long is not what you might think–Even though I haven't been on the business end of dental implements in years, I'm not particularly afraid (The way I see it, at this point, is that I've been dealing with some degree of physical discomfort for years, so what's a little more?).

The reason I've put this off as long as possible is threefold:

Fold #1: I "vapor-lock" when it comes to spending large amounts of money (For me, "large amounts of money" start when you get into three digits). Whatever the need, I think "If I spend money on this, I won't have it for that". Never mind that there may not actually be a "that" on the immediate horizon.

(This is the kind of thinking that comes from a lifetime of poverty...)

Fold #2: I haven't wanted to "book out" with JS. For the past number of months, it's been very slow, so I'm loathe to "book out" on a day where I might otherwise get an audition (And unintentional or not, JS has "trained" me pretty well, by calling me for auditions on two of the rare occasions when I had already "booked out". It's left me painfully aware that each day I book out is a day I won't be booking a commercial).

Fold #3: Up till just a few weeks ago, it didn't hurt.

Then I started getting little "messages" from my mouth. I wouldn't even call it "pain", exactly; it was more like " seems my tooth has fallen asleep...".

I also think part of the problem was that I lumping all the "dental stuff" together in my mind. I've had to tell myself over and over, "No Jim, you can choose whether to get braces or not, but you have to do this other stuff".

SO...Barring unforeseen circumstances, I'm going in on Wednesday morning to have a root canal, on a tooth on the left side of my mouth, while getting the right side "deep cleaned".



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