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9:58 AM - Mon 07.10.23

Things To Do/Things To Look Forward To

(I'm starting this feeling like I don't have much to write about, yet I have the urge to write.
Let's see what happens, shall we...?)

Picketed with Josh on Friday.

At one point I was talking about my anxiety over the lack of money coming in and mentioned that Cameos seemed to have "dried up" as a source of side income.

Since saying that, I've done two Cameos - one with a 24-hour turnaround time (Meaning a bigger payout) - and discovered that I'd never transferred my last Cameo payout to my bank account (All told, it was around $125 for maybe 15-20 minutes of work).

So I guess I should take a moment to say I'm still concerned about money and express some disappointment that my hopes of landing a great Series Regular role have "dried up".


Speaking of picketing and all that, the extension of the SAG-AFTRA contract expires in a couple days.

One thing I don't think is going to happen is finding out the AMPTP agreed to our demands - and the WGA's - and that everybody will be headed back to work forthwith.

Instead, I'm assuming we're either going to be presented with a deal that is unacceptable or - and this feels more likely - a notice that we are on strike.

But I guess we'll know soon enough...

(As I was starting to write this, it struck me I hadn't checked Breakdowns, so I did that - There wasn't much there, and nothing for a vintage character guy like myself - but now at least I can journal with a clear conscience.)

(I just took another break in writing to message my new PCP - It's been weeks since my blood work, and I haven't heard anything from him about the results. I'm assuming "no news is good news" - and that I don't have "cancer-of-the-everything" or what-have-you - but I still wouldn't mind if he weighed in on the matter.)

I've kinda "fallen down on the job" in terms of keeping myself active and engaged - For the past two days, I've only left my apartment to check the mail - so I'm hoping this is the start of a busier, more "engaged" week.

I have my GenSpace stuff - Drawing today, and "Tai Chi"/Dance classes on Wednesday and Thursday" - and I've been telling myself I'm past due for a trip over to Jane's place (Which I'm thinking I may do after class today) for TV watching and maybe a little drawing.

(I've also been meaning to get to Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse, which is playing at the Grove. But it's not going to be there forever, and I think the "Barbie" movie is opening on Friday, which looks fun from the trailers.)

Jane's blowing back into town soon, and we've got two museum trips planned - The Broad, to see the Basquiat exhibit, then the Getty with Cary and Kay - so that's something to look forward to, in additional to the general fun of just hanging out.

And toward the end of August, I believe, there's the film festival in Albuquerque, which should be fun.

So there are some things to do, and some things to look forward to.

I just have to figure out how to keep myself going in the interim.

But speaking of "going", it's about time I hop in the shower, and get ready for class.

Till next time...



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