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2:34 pm - Tuesday, Sept. 06, 2005
I'm not a scientiest. I just play one on tv...I hope

I'm Not A Scientist. I Just Play One On TV...I Hope.

Tues 9/6/05 (1:19 p.m.)

Well, more good news on the commercial front–I am “on avail” for the TBS promo.

(To any first time readers: Being “on avail” means I’m “on the short list” for booking the gig, and have been asked about my “availability” for the shoot. So breaking into a little“happy dance” would be premature--I’ve been “on avail” for a number of things in the past couple years, and sometimes I’ve gotten them...and sometimes I haven’t–but it’s definitely encouraging.)

More happy news, if I book the gig–there’s a good chance it’ll shoot on one of my days off next week; I was asked about my availability for next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (The spot is quite “involved”, with a number of actors and at least two locations, so it’s hard to imagine it all getting done in a day. But if I get cast, and all I do is what I did at the audition–more on that momentarily–I can’t imagine them needing me for more than a day. But again, it might be a touch premature to speculate on my shooting schedule before I’ve booked the gig...).

At the callback, the only change from what I did at the original audition was that instead of there being two “scientists” and two “test subjects”, I was the lone “scientist”.

Basically, the “bit” was one “test subject” bouncing a ball off the other “test subject’s” head, while I took notes (The casting director jumped in at one point, to show the actor with the ball how to bounce it off the other guy’s head, which was more like bouncing a basketball off a backboard than playing dodgeball).

At one point, they asked me and one of the “test subjects” to switch, and the ball was bounced off my head for awhile (For the record, it was a very soft ball).

I was quite encouraged by the switch-- The way I chose to see it, my chances of getting cast had just doubled. And I thought it suggested they liked me for the spot, and just wanted to figure out where to put me (Or else they just thought I might look funnier getting hit in the head with a ball than the other guy had).

I expect that if I’m going to get a confirmation for the gig, I’ll get it today.

So cross your fingers...


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