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2:41 PM - Thurs 3.16.23

This Space Is For Senior Citizens


The commercial callback I was all excited about in the last entry?

In my purely objective, unbiased estimation, it went very well. The Director, who was there by remote, was clearly amused by what I was doing.

And besides having a very good feeling "in the room", I was also excited they had us reading for a third spot we hadn't read at the initial audition (So it was, in effect, a little "mini-campaign". A "commercial miniseries", as it were. Which added fuel to my hope that, were I to book the gig, it would likely "set me up" for the year).

I left feeling about as good as I can feel after an audition, thinking happily to myself, "I could book this...!".

But then I didn't.

When I hadn't heard by noon the next day - that I had either booked it, or was "availed" for it - I figured, for whatever reason, that it hadn't "gone my way".

But since I was a little more invested in this outcome than, say, the previous Internet-only spot I'd auditioned for (For minimal pay, that might have conflicted with my trip to West Virginia had I booked it), I emailed my agent, basically saying, "It's feeling like it didn't happen. Is that your take on the situation as well?".

And he got back to me, saying that, yes, not being at least "availed" (An "avail" means you may or may not be the guy, so "stay tuned") suggested I wasn't going to be their guy, But he said he would double-check, so he wasn't telling me the wrong thing.

And sadly, he wasn't.

I definitely didn't get it.

(I try not to use my agent in this capacity too often, because it's a little "needy". But once in a blue moon - like when you're potentially up for three national commercials - I think it's okay.)

As you might imagine, this disappointing turn of events made me kinda sad,

But what are ya gonna do?

In the time since, I've had a voiceover audition (Which, since I've never booked one, has just become "this thing I do". Rightly or wrongly, I'm pretty fatalistic about them at this point), and yesterday, with Jane R's help, I did a theatrical self-tape audition, for a very small co-star on a new show.

Again, the self-tape seemed to go quite well - Jane got a little misty-eyed when I did my first take - but since I got it in around Noon yesterday, and it was due at 10 am today, it once again seems like I would have gotten the good news by now if good news were coming.

So, no good news for Jim.



Lest you think all I've done in the past couple days is have a series of unsuccessful auditions, I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a while now...

A couple times when I've spoken to "Dr Feelgood", he's suggested I get out and socialize more, perhaps by finding a "community center" in my neighborhood to hang out at.

And while I didn't exactly "spring into action" the first time he suggested it - for reasons I think will become clear shortly - I did finally take to Google, and looked over websites of some places in the vicinity.

By and large, they didn't speak to me - I'm in Koreatown, so naturally, they mostly centered around Korean families and culture - but one seemed "general enough" to be at least of some interest (And I've passed the very interesting building, on Wilshire, any number of times over the past couple years - from watching its initial construction to wondering with Jane just what the completed, strange-looking space was for - so I thought it might be worth it just to see inside the place).

So I decided I'd go Tuesday afternoon.

It was another wet day, so I grabbed my recently-purchased umbrella and made the journey, maybe nine or ten blocks from my place (Side note: When I woke up that morning and heard the rain outside, I remember thinking to myself, "Guess you're not going anywhere today...". Then I thought, "Well in that case, why did you bother buying an umbrella?").

The "interesting-looking building" ( the "Annenberg GenSpace") is actually part of a little "complex". So once I showed Security my ID and vaccination record, they issued me a little ID badge/sticker and then showed me where to go (The whole building isn't dedicated to the "community center", just the third floor. Or maybe just part of the third floor, I'm not sure).

As I walked in, I was greeted by a nice lady who, when I told her it was my first time there, asked me if I would like a tour.

When I said yes, she had me sit down for a few, while the person who would be showing me around finished something she was doing.

So after a brief wait, I met up with the volunteer, and the tour began.

And it was about what you would imagine - It's a space for "older adults", so they have various activities (exercise classes of various flavors, arts and crafts, music, socializing, etc), or, if you just want to be around other warm bodies, you can simply come and read a book or what-have-you and have a free cup of coffee.

The price was certainly right - Just $10 a month, with no contract or obligation (Kidded with Jane later that, if I just had a cup of coffee or two each time I was there, I'd make my money back).

The tour was maybe 10 minutes, and then I was headed back out the door.

The people I'd dealt with while I was there were perfectly lovely - almost too solicitous - and the space seemed quite nice.

And I couldn't have been more depressed when I walked out.

Yesterday, when talking to my therapist, I joked that I think I was secretly disappointed, when I walked in, that they didn't say, "Oh, I'm sorry Sir! This space is for senior citizens - You'll have to come back in another 10 or 15 years...".

But as is often the case, the joke contained more than a kernel of truth - I don't want to think of myself as someone who needs a "senior center".

But maybe I do.

It's only open Monday-Thursday (from 10 am - 4 pm), so I'm planning to go back, maybe on Monday, and sign up.

I've certainly spent $10 on worse things...

But it's about time for Mark and Jane to call (Later than our usual appointed hour, because they're in rehearsal for a thing), so I think I will close on that.

(Till next time...)



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