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8:23 PM - 11.03.14
"The laptop's in the shop."

"The laptop's in the shop", and other sad songs

Don't have my laptop tonight - more on that in a moment - so am seeing if I can do this on my Kindle Fire without losing my mind.

I blame Weight Watchers for my laptop being in the shop; we've been having to do on-line training, and I read that Firefox was the best browser to do it on.

So I downloaded Firefox...and downloaded some "adware" to go with it (tried to fix it on my own, but that didn't work out...and here we are). Pretty disappointed that a simple mistake cost me $100, but it has to get fixed - If there's "adware", there's no reason there couldn't be "malware" too, and that's nothing to screw around with.


(Yeah...doing this on my Kindle is DEFINITELY a more laborious process, but I'm going to be a brave little toaster and press on regardless...)

Feeling stressed & depressed almost all the time these days...I might get a day or two where I feel "okay", but then something happens - and it doesn't take much (ex. Accidentally downloading a computer virus), and I'm right back to wondering why I'm alive.

Was thinking about how long I've been out here now - 14 yrs in March - and how long it took me to make anything happen; the point of coming out here was to make acting "the central thing in my life", and while I'm proud that I've made what's happened happen, it feels like that goal is further away than ever.

And I'm older and tired-er than ever.

And I don't know what's gonna happen...but it just seems like this isn't gonna END well...

And did I mention doing this on my Kindle is one seriously laborious process?

(See? TOLD you this wasn't going to end well...)


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