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9:11 am - Sat 5/26/07
Short Films, High Finances, And A Little Post-Birthday Celebratin'

Short Films, High Finances, And A Little Post-Birthday Celebratin'

Don't have time to write, really, but wanted to quickly get something down...

Another very slow week, audition-wise.

I auditioned for a short film yesterday, a "SAG-deferred" project (Meaning no $$$) called Waffles For Breakfast (The casting director for the project typically does commercials, so when my name came up for one for one of the parts, she called JS, who called me).

Because of the "no $$$" part, I was initially going to pass on it, till the casting person emailed me back, telling me the film in question was being done by Ridley Scott's production company. So of course, when I heard that, I responded by saying, "Well, I guess it couldn't hurt to audition...".

I don't have any time-frame on this, and didn't feel terribly hopeful when I came out of the reading, but I'll let you know if something interesting develops.


Did something tremendously smart and positive, but find myself feeling nervous about it nevertheless.

Recently, I had a little bit of a problem trying to pay a bill with my debit card.

While I was on the phone with the bank, trying to figure out what the problem was, they told me that with the balance in my savings, I should consider starting a CD or a money-market account; I'm getting a whopping 1/2 percent interest with my current account, when a CD or money-market would give me close to 5 percent.

The next day, I went to the bank, and split my savings in two, half going into a CD, and half into a money-market.

Smart move, wouldn't you say? (I'm not good with math, but even I know that 4.8 percent interest is better than .5 percent interest.)

So what's my problem, you ask? Well, it's mostly about the CD; I'm concerned about putting such a big chunk of money into a CD where I can't get at it for the next five months (Though as Cary said when I spoke to him on the phone yesterday, it can "be gotten at" in an emergency, though there'd likely be some penalty involved).

But I'm hoping I'll continue having enough coming in to do what I need to do, whatever that may be, and can leave that money alone; just keep "rolling it over" every five months, till I have that thing I never thought I'd have--a substantial "nest egg".


Went to see my first live theater in quite some time on Thursday.

Efrain S. (From work) was one of three directors doing a series of (very) short plays--more like sketches, really--and Donald M. (Also from work) was in one of the aforementioned sketches.

(I wasn't in the show, but my cowboy boots were--I let Donald borrow them.)

I'm probably going to write more about the experience later, because I don't have time to get into it here. But the show itself was fairly entertaining--I was worried it wouldn't be--and it made me think "Hey, I'd like to try my hand at some of this "theater" stuff. Seems like it might be fun".

But speaking of fun, I have to get going--I'm visiting Cary and Kay today, for a little post-birthday celebratin', and I have to get rolling.

See ya later...


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