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7:47 AM - 12.16.20

The Show Goes On

Well, as I sit down to write, I thought the worst news I'd be reporting today would be stepping on the scale just now and finding that, in the span of two days, I've somehow gained over two lbs (My first gain since I've started to track).

Silly me.

As it turns out, things can always get worse.

(Just got way worse news than a temporary weight gain...but I'm precluded from writing about it at present, so I'm going to, as much as I can, "set it aside" and...write about other things.)

Happy news on the Shameless front - I thought I was all done with the show for the year...but turns out I'm not.

As you may or may not know, this year, in addition to the regular episodes, they're shooting mini-episode "clip shows" featuring each of the Series Regulars (And If you follow this sort of thing, this is the Shameless "Hall Of Shame" mini-series thing that's been popping up online).

I've already played a (small) role in the one featuring Kev and V. But now I'm going to be in the one featuring Frank as well, which is shooting on Monday.

And in another happy Shameless surprise, they're going to use a clip I'm in (I guess for one of the "Previously on Shameless" things that start each episode) which means "more money for Jim" - Always a good thing.

(I previously had to have "the rules" on this sort of thing explained to me because I'm bad at the "business" part of "The Biz" - If you're in a clip promoting an upcoming episode, you don't get paid for that because they get to use clips of you to promote the show. But if it's a recap of the previous episode you do get paid - because I guess it's not "promotion" if they're already watching the episode. But now that I think about it, maybe the clip is going to be used within the "Frank" clip-show. ANYWAY, I'm getting paid for something...!)


(10:00 am)

Well, Jane R. has given me permission to share her news...

After hoping this would not be the case, she has to go in for minor surgery soon, to deal with what is hopefully a PRE-cancerous situation (As opposed to it being cancer).

It's something we've discussed, hoping against hope the problem she was experiencing would be laid at the feet of something having absolutely nothing to do with cancer.

But here we are.

At present, she's asked me to basically leave it at that.

But I would ask, if you're reading this and you know Jane, for you to not contact her and express your deep concern, or pepper her with questions or home remedies, or anything like that - Right now she needs to conserve her energies for herself and her healing, not to spend her time making other people comfortable and trying to answer questions or address concerns she doesn't have answers for.

(I think her plan is to keep things low-key until and unless there's a reason not to. And I both admire and respect her decision.)

On my end, I want to be supportive of her and not make this all about my I'll just say that I have concerns and leave it at that.


Test results from my physical yesterday are coming in - So far, there hasn't been anything where I've gotten an accompanying Dr's note like, "We need to address this immediately...!" or anything like that, so I'm going to "call it good" for now.

(Seems my "glucose" is high. So while I'm not a Dr - though I almost played one on TV - I presume that means my A1C isn't going to be where I want it to be. My testosterone, on the other hand, falls within the "normal" range, though on the low end - I don't know if that's an "issue" or not...but since the number wasn't highlighted in red, denoting problematic results, I guess it's fine.)

I am going to be disappointed if I still fall in the "Diabetic" range - I was really hoping that last blood test was an "outlier" - but if I do, I've just started losing weight in earnest (Oh, and upon the second poop of the day, I'm only up a pound-and-a-half from Monday), and I've only been on the Metformin for something like a week, so am quite confident I will successfully address the situation.

Not thrilled about the reality of aging and facing mortality - mine, or that of my friends - but "it is what it is".

Near as I can tell, the only thing I can do about it is to be there for my friends when they need me.

And, for myself, to do the best I can to "pump the brakes" so "the show goes on" as long as possible (And have it be a show where I can still perform, not one where I'm trotted onstage and people give me a hand just for still being alive).

And I guess that's as good a note as any to wrap-up on.

Till next time...



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