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1:59 pm - Mon 8/19/02
A good show where I make a little bit of MONEY. Is that so much to ASK?

I just want to be in a nice show, and make a little MONEY. Is that so much to ASK?

Not in very good spirits right about now...

On Saturday afternoon, as I was heading out to work, I checked my messages, and there was one from Jamal, the Corpus Christi director, from about an hour earlier, saying there was a read-thru for the show the next day, and that he was "sorry for the short notice".

It was what I'd been afraid was going to happen; They'd make me wait for weeks with no information, then give me no little or no notice when rehearsals were to start (I've even had paranoid moments where I wondered if they were having second thoughts about me, or about doing the show altogether).

I called him back--got his machine--and said, basically, that I was "sorry for the short notice" too, since I work on Sundays and wasn't going to be able to attend.

He called me at the bookstore a couple hours later, and we talked briefly about my schedule (I told him that it goes up on Wednesdays for the following week, and how I'm very flexible before that time, but quite a bit less flexible afterwards).

He told me that was fine, implied that advance notice about rehearsals wasn't going to be an issue in the future, and told me he'd fax me schedule information and such while I was at work the next day.

He didn't. So at this writing, I continue to be in the dark about any and everything to do with this show.

When we spoke on Saturday, he also alluded to some sort of "membership" thing (In other words, not only am I not getting paid for this show, they want me to pay them, in order to act at their little hole-in-the-wall theater).

I said no one had approached me about anything like that, and while that's all I really said about it, Jamal seemed to pick up on my...resistance to the idea, because he quickly said, "I don't know much about it, since I'm just a 'guest director', and maybe since you've already done a show for them... but I'll see what I can do, cause I want you in the show".

I am very "resistant" to the idea of paying to do some piece- of-shit show at this piece-of-shit theater; The way I see it, if they're charging an admission price for tickets and they aren't paying me, they're getting a bargain as it is!

But, angry bluster aside, it will probably depend on how much they want for their "membership"; If it's $5 or $10, maybe; If we're talking $25 or $50, I think "maybe" they can kiss my ass.

Do you sense I'm very frustrated here? It's just very disappointing to have something happen you think you want to have happen, and then it just turns into another fucking trial.

I've gotta go to work...


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