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9:28 am - Mon 1.23.2012
The Sizzle, Not The Steak

The Sizzle, Not The Steak

A problem I never had before the Internet - I never accidentally deleted a journal entry, or had the book I was writing in crash, losing everything I'd written.

Which seems to happen on a semi-regular basis these days (A good reason to, if I'm not going to go back to writing in blank books, at least write entries in a single session - they're less likely to "disappear into the ether" that way).


My first second-season episode of Shameless was on last night.

I didn't see it - I don't have Showtime - Cary didn't see it (Recording issues), and Mark and Jane didn't see it (Ditto).

And me and my little scene are not mentioned in the handful of recaps I've read thus far (Update: I just found one site that does actually mention the scene in question - Yay!).

And most people I know, like myself, don't have Showtime.

All this is my way of saying my second-season debut last night was something of a letdown.

But Howard saw it. And Carrie saw it. And William B. saw it. And Cary and Mark & Jane will see it eventually.

And however many people watched the show last night saw it (for an unhappy moment or two, I worried the scene had been cut - that didn't seem likely, but was certainly not impossible).

Going by the response on Facebook, the bigger deal yesterday was my being a front-page story in the Durand Independent (Mary Z. posted it on my page. You can also probably find it on their website, though I don't know if it's been posted just yet).

It's a nice article (Accompanied by one of my better head-shot photos), and that sort of attention is undeniably fun (Not to mention rare) - I still have a framed copy of the Lansing State Journal article written before I moved to LA - but it struck me yesterday, as I went through my day, that this kind of thing is "the sizzle" in life, and not "the steak"; it's okay to enjoy it when it happens, but it doesn't really mean anything.


After a recent Facebook status ("It's been 'close but no cigar' on auditions so far, but by the end of the month, I'll be smoking that 'cigar'!"), I almost immediately thought, "What if you don't get any auditions the rest of the month, smart guy?".

But on Friday, I had an audition for Comcast, and in a couple hours, I have one for Buffalo Hot Wings, so there's still a chance to make good on my desire/boast that I'll book a gig before the month's out.

It'll be interesting to see what happens....

On Thursday or Friday, I got an invitation to the Austin and Ally wrap-party, this coming Sunday.

Getting the invite was bittersweet; it's my first wrap-party, which is pretty cool, but it means the season is over, and that's less cool (One of the AD's had told me the show was shooting new episodes into February, so I was hoping to get another episode or two of work before then).

It starts at 4:00 this coming Sunday, at Pinz, a bowling alley in Studio City (I work at WW till 3:00, and was considering trying to get someone to cover for me, but I think I'm just going to work, and drive over from there).

So with my two shows done for the season - and not knowing what the future holds for either show (Or my participation in them) - it seems like this year needs to be about booking a lot of new shows, so one or two of them can become my next Shameless or Austin & Ally.

(While I'm at it, it would be really sweet to book a commercial or two, before Progressive peters out.)


For some of you, this constitutes "burying the lead", but it looks like I'll be going on a date at some point this weekend.

Her name is Patti, and we've connected through one of the free dating websites I sometimes check out (Either OK Cupid or Plenty of Fish, I don't remember which).

After a couple of email exchanges, we spoke on the phone this past week, and that was promising enough for both of us that we're making plans to meet.

Something I wouldn't have thought a "selling point" pre-Weight Watchers is definitely a selling point now - She's in OA (Over-eaters Anonymous).

One of the problems I've had with the dating websites in question is that majority of women on the sites are fat.

That's an issue for me in terms of physical attraction - Sorry, but it just is - but it's also an issue in terms of my "journey" if you will; I've made - and am making - a concerted effort to deal with my weight and my tendency to overeat.

And I'd be worried about my own continued success if I were spending a lot of time with someone who "wasn't in the same place" in that regard.

And Patti seems to be, if not "in the same place" as I am, at least in a similar place.

And of course, while that's not everything we're about, it's a common interest/concern, and that's a start.

Well, I think that's about it from here for now...and I want to try to nap a little before the big audition (In Santa Monica), where I'm going in for "Blind New Year's Eve Guy", or something like that.

Wish me luck...!


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