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4:05 pm - Thurs 1/17/08
It's Like The News, Only Smaller

It's Like The News, Only Smaller

(Not a lot of capital-N "News" to report, but I feel like writing anyway, so here goes...)

Had a callback on Monday for a Liberty Mutual industrial.

Didn't get it.

I'd like to have gotten it - as I've said before, I want to book every audition I go out on - but it was a (relatively) small, one-time payday, so as disappointments go, this was minor.

And I'm taking comfort in the fact that I'm "doing my job"; as some fellow ACGers said to Keith H. - when he complained of being "the callback king" - it's your job to get the callback. Beyond that, it's really out of your hands.

(That said, I'd still like to book something, for a boost to pocketbook and psyche.)


Had a "wellness physical" yesterday (With Dr Waxler, at the Bob Hope Center, one of the clinics you can go to with your SAG insurance).

It was relatively quick, but seemed thorough - they even did an EKG, which I'm not sure I've ever gotten before during a physical - and assuming the blood test and urine sample come back clean, it seems I'm actually... healthy.

We also talked a bit about my sleep apnea; he wrote a prescription for me to get new CPAP supplies (In particular, a full mask that would cover my nose and mouth, to get around me not breathing through my nose so good), and he bugged me to follow up on his referral to Dr Alessi, an ENT guy who also handles allergy issues (Which is pretty perfect if, like me, you have sleep apnea with undiagnosed allergies).

(I thought this was funny - When I told Dr W. "I've been procrastinating..." about following up with the ENT guy, he said, "A procrastinating actor...whaddaya know?"; apparently, he sees a lot of that amongst actor types.)

So I've been trying to connect with the people who handle the CPAP supply request, and I left a message on Dr A's machine, to set up an appointment.

Cause if I don't care for myself, who will?


Had my last workout session with Jennifer today.

I'm truly bummed about it. but it's expensive, and in the current climate (With the WGA strike, and a possible SAG strike coming), it's just too expensive to maintain.

I'm bummed because I'm going to have to do this on my own now, and I don't trust myself to do that, but more to the point, I actually enjoyed the time spent with Jennifer; she was nice, and she had pretty legs.

But life goes on.

And speaking of "going on"'s off to work I go.

See ya!


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