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2:20 pm - Tues 12/16/03
\"Smell Ya Later...\"

"Smell Ya Later..."

The other day, I thought a customer at the store might be Joyce Carol Oates.

I considered approaching her, but thought better of it, after imagining how the resulting conversation might go (If she were indeed Ms Oates):

"Are you Joyce Carol Oates?"

"Why yes. Yes I am."

"That's what I thought. Well...ummm...carry on then."

You see, I haven't actually read any of her work (I did thumb through On Boxing once at the bookstore; I remember being very proud of myself because she made the same connection of boxing with pornography that I do--Basically, as primal stuff made into public entertainment).



A short time ago, I put a little blurb in here, I guess "advertising" my new journal.

Then I removed it.

I sort of want to see "where the new one goes" first. It may end up just being an addendum to this, the "main journal", or it may morph into something else, something I want to keep relatively private.

Besides, I somehow felt a little foolish, as if I were saying "I know you just can't get enough of me, so here's another 'journal to treasure'...".


I was thinking I should write something about the holidays, but at the moment, I don't really feel much of anything.

I think the combination of being a single guy with no family, and working retail the past dozen or so years, has pretty much killed Xmas for me. Typically, I just go through the holidays counting the days till it's all over.

I do like Xmas music, tho. At least some of it; My two favorites at the bookstore now are probably A Charlie Brown Xmas and the Brian Setzer Orchestra's Xmas album.

I also like this thing we're playing that has a lot of mandolin in it--kind of a "Xmas in Appalachia" sound-- and of course, traditional carols by Nat King Cole or Bing Crosby always work for me.

I've been in L.A. over two-and-a-half years now (It'll be three years in March), but it still looks slightly surreal to me when I see people's Xmas decorations.

I guess it's because so much of it has a "winter theme"--Santa and his sleigh, the North Pole, Frosty, and all that.

But let's not read me wrong here--I have no desire in the slightest for a "White Xmas". A sunny, 70 degree Xmas is just fine by me, even if no one's ever going to write a song about it.


I'm tired and physically out-of-sorts so much of the time that it can actually "sneak up on me" when I actually get sick, or am more run-down than usual.

But when I do get "more run down than usual", a harbinger is often a cold sore. The virus is always there, apparently, but only manifests in times of physical or emotional stress.

And I'm not really stressing emotionally, so I guess my ragged sleep--and too little of it--is catching up with me.

And when I'm writing about my cold sores, that's a sure "harbinger" of it being time to go.

(I actually have stuff to write about, but haven't really given myself time to do it right now. Anyway, smell ya later...)


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