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9:18 PM - Fri 7.25.14
Something Something Shameless

Something Something Shameless

(Had an entry ripening-on-the-vine - Or maybe rotting-on-the-vine. Who knows? - for at least a week, before accidentally deleting it. Telling myself "It's for the best...", but also telling myself, "Maybe you need to go back to doing these off-line, so that doesn't happen so often". Anyway, speaking of things "happening"...)

Had something fun happen on Tuesday morning, as I was heading to WW...

I was riding my bike along Beverly blvd, and I was stopped along the side of the road, when a city bus pulled up alongside me, and lightly honked its horn (The kind of little tap drivers do when they don't want to seem angry, but just alert you they're there).

I looked over, a little confused - I wasn't in the bus's way, stopped in front of a bus stop or anything like that, so what did they want?

When I looked over, the bus's door was open, and the bus-driver (An African-American woman), who I couldn't hear very well because of the traffic and what-have-you, said "Something something Shameless! Something something like the show!".

I was very impressed - She'd recognized a minor character from the show she watches, out-of-context, from some distance, with - as far as I could tell - only back and side views to work with.

(That's someone seriously aware-of-their-surroundings!)

I don't remember what I said to her, exactly - "Glad you like the show!", or something to that effect - but I smiled and waved, and a moment later, we were both on our way.

And speaking of Shameless...

Got the good word today - I'm "pinned" for the 4th episode of the new season (How I got "the good word" was a little awkward - they screwed up and notified my ex-agent - but we got that cleared up pretty quickly).

At this point I don't know anything - when I shoot, whether it's a co-star or a guest-star, etc - except that the "pin" is from Aug 5-14th.

Now, being "pinned" means nothing's "official" yet...but I'm going to assume I'm back on Shameless in the next two weeks or so, and "call it good".

So I'm probably not going to book something "before Shameless starts back up", which was a goal earlier in the year (I wanted to get in some "new business" before the "old business" returned). But at this point, who gives a shit? - I'll be acting, making money, and there's still a good chunk of year left for "new business" (And more Shameless episodes).

It doesn't solve all my problems, but it gives me hope.

And that's good enough for now, and a good note to end on.


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