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8:53 am - Fri 8.14.2009
My Sorry-Ass Brain

My Sorry-Ass Brain

I continue to worry a bit about my brain...

I rushed off from a chat with Jane a short time ago cause I "had to get ready for work", performed the needed pre-work ablutions...then realized I didn't really need to leave for work for another half-hour.

I think one "issue" is that I'm in less of a comfortable rut than I was back in Lansing - It's harder to remember things because there are more things to remember.

Work, for example: I have WW meetings five days a week, at four different times, with five different times I need to start getting ready (I have 9:45 meetings on Wednesdays and Fridays, but since the Friday meeting is closer, I don't need to leave as early). So if anything throws me off (I woke up an hour early today and decided to just get up), it's easy to be...well, thrown off.

Still...I've always kind of liked my brain (At a certain level), so it's discouraging, and a little scary, to have it slipping away.

What am I going to rely on now? My good looks?

Another thing I'm having a hard time remembering is the schedule of tv shows I watch.

But again, part of the "issue" is that, while I'm getting old and tired, at the same time, there's more to remember than there used to be; "Back when I was a boy...", you watched what was on the three networks, during the summer there were re-runs, then in the fall, the new shows started up again.

Now, there's cable, and pretty much year-round new programming. Re-runs are an endangered species (Which sucks for me, as an actor living on residuals), and instead, after a run of news shows, the networks are likely to stick some reality show in that time slot, till the new season begins.

And don't get me started on mid-season replacements...!

It is more confusing, but I still feel like I should be able to "keep up" - It's a tv schedule, after all, not rocket science.

Well, now it actually is almost time for me to leave for work...if I can remember where I'm going...


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