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5:09 pm - FRI 3.21.2008
An Upbeat Entry--Sorta

An Upbeat Entry - Sorta

As (almost) always, I haven't given myself much time to do this. But today it's going to work out, since I don't actually have that much to write about...

Even though I'm about as blue as I was when I last wrote, I thought I'd try to write a somewhat more upbeat entry, and start with some "good news", so here goes:

1. My insurance did a turn-around, and is going to pay for something they had been rejecting, and I'm getting a credit of over $200.

2. Getting out of another snack bar shift at work tonite (Char M. was scheduled for ushering, which she doesn't like, so we switched. And now we each have a go-to person to switch with if we get scheduled in our respective disliked shifts).

3. Finally got my AT&T check, for a little over $1500 (This "good news" is blunted substantially by the fact that the money is just going back out again to cover my "tax burden", but at least it's that much money I can leave in my new online savings account, at 3.4% interest).

4. My demo reel is done (Jay is burning a couple dvds - one for Brett, one or two for me - as I write this). If you want to check it out, you can search YouTube under "Jim Hoffmaster" (I posted it there yesterday). The Gilmore Girls clip looks kind of cruddy, for some reason, but all-in-all, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out; as I've said before, I'd like to have "sexier" clips, but I think you do get some idea of what I can do from what's presented.

5. Got a letter from insurance today - a copy of what they sent to AirCare Home Medical - saying my CPAP stuff was approved.

In the past, I've been pretty down on CPAP, but this time out, with a full-face mask (So I can breathe through my mouth if need be) and a humidifier (So my throat doesn't dry out as a result of the mouth-breathing), I'm feeling like "Hey, maybe this just might work...".

Well, I've run out of time. And just when I was going to go on about how, in spite of all this, I'm still kinda "blah".

Oh well - there's always next time...


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