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3:00 am - Thurs 7.17.2008
Soup And Shoes

Soup And Shoes - Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together

Thurs 7/17/08 (1:26 a.m.)

Have had two commercials auditions this far.

And hopefully, I’ll have my first callback of the week later on today.

The first audition was on Monday, for Campbells Soup.

And it was nothing - Just one of those boring commercials auditions I overheard an actor refer to once as a “face lottery”; I was a “chef”, and I had to look like I was making some delicious and nutritious Campbells Soup.

Pretty sure I won’t be booking that one - I don’t have the slightest idea how to make soup (Or anything else one makes in a kitchen), and I imagine that’s exactly what I looked like on-camera.

(Now if they’d wanted me to be heating up some soup in the microwave, I would’ve nailed it. But what can you do?)

If I were the Campbells Soup people, I’d definitely book the attractive, older African American couple that went in with me.

(After a moment or two of me trying to look like I knew my way around a kitchen, they filmed the couple enjoying delicious Campbells Soup...and each other. And unlike Yours Truly, they were very convincing; even though I knew they’d actually just met moments before, I found myself jealous of their abiding love...and the great pleasure they were taking in eating soup.)

So that audition, for me, kind of sucked. I was actually pretty depressed afterwards.

The one today was a lot more fun - I was an Al Bundy-ish shoe salesman, who’s trying to sell a guy some shoes, a guy he’s been helping for hours, when the guy’s friend walks in and does everything he can to queer the deal, much to my consternation.

(This was a pretty mysterious audition. The breakdown only referred to it as “Project X”, and all I know is it has something to do with computer equipment. Though I can’t for the life of me figure out how the scene I did today had anything to do with computer equipment.)

This was at Kathi Knowles, in Santa Monica, a place that brings me in quite a bit (This is where I booked the Snickers commercial last year. The one I was, unfortunately, cut out of).

Marvin was running the session, so that was fun; he actually works with you to get something decent on camera, doing a couple takes, giving you direction, etc. Which, as I told Marvin afterwards, is something I’ve always appreciated; at some other places, you feel like they’re just shuttling actors through, and they don’t really care what ends up on camera. But I usually leave KK, especially when Marvin’s doing the session, feeling like I got a really fair shot at doing my best.

(A question - Are there really still “shoe salemen” out there? I got my last pair of shoes from Shoe Pavillion, and I was hard pressed to find someone to ring me up, let alone help me try on shoes.)

Well, this was going to be the pre-amble to a bigger and better entry, but I can’t stay up all night tonite, cause I don’t want to get that callback call tomorrow morning, and regret that I didn’t get any sleep.


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