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8:35 am - Fri 1.16.2009
Getting Money/Spending Money

Getting Money/Spending Money

So what's going on...?

Was woken up yesterday with good news - Tracey Hyman, the rep from SAG, called to tell me she'd spoken to Coldstone; Coldstone was bought by another concern, the payroll system is switching over, blah blah blah, long story short, they'll be sending SAG my check in two weeks.

(For those just joining me - Coldstone owes me money, because a commercial I did for them ran on their website past my contract's expiration date.)

While this situation should have been resolved months ago, I'm happy we are now just a couple weeks from a happy ending.

(The check's for $1700, which would cover my bills for a month and change, so it's a pretty big deal; as I told Kathy B. yesterday, I'm not in such dire straits that I need it right now, but things are tight enough that I needed to know it was coming).)

So that was the good news.

The bad news is that my theatrical agents (at LA Actors) called me in the afternoon - They don't like my new headshots.

(While I showed all the pictures that had been taken to JS, for his approval, and sent some choices to Brett, for his approval, I didn't float them by Stephen and Sharon. I don't know why.)

I think the pictures look fine (Though I wish I were wearing nicer, better-fitting dress clothes for the one shot); that's what I look like now.

And while I worried about the white background initially, I think it actually puts the focus on me, which is what you want in a headshot (I actually like it quite a bit in the pictures I had printed - The white background, with a black border, and my name at the bottom in white letters).

But I don't think they're responding to the background or the clothes; if I understood what Stephen was saying yesterday, they want headshots that reflect the roles they'd be submitting me for (Though he never got around to telling me what they've been submitting me for).

I'm going to talk to Sharon at some point today, to get a clearer sense of what they have in mind, but the conversation with Stephen made me very uncomfortable on two levels.

Level One: I'm not made of money.

Level Two: I'll try to get this or that "look" for them - I want them to be able to "sell" me, after all - but I'm not going to take a picture with a plunger in my hand so they can submit me for "Plumber" roles, if you catch my drift (A headshot is supposed to show show who you are, not be some "character").

But more on this and other equally banal subjects later - Right now, I've gotta hop on my bike; I'm working two Weight Watchers meetings at the Beverly Location.

See ya...


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