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11:45 pm - 06.11.2008
Economically Stimulated

Economically Stimulated

Tues 6/10/08 (8:53 p.m.)

Received my $600 “economic stimulus check” yesterday.

I’m being a bad citizen - Instead of spending my $600 like I’m supposed to, I put it in my checking account.

I just figure I’ll do a better long-term job of “stimulating the economy” by continuing to eat and pay rent and stuff like that.


Note to Dick, Jane, Carrie, and Gail: I responded to your recent comments, if you want to go back and check that out.

I’m going to make more of a point of doing that in the future.


Went to the SAG “Solidarity Rally” yesterday, which was, in reality, a SAG “Anti-AFTRA Rally”, to my discomfort (I did get a SAG T-Shirt out of the deal, so that was nice).

The point of the rally was supposedly “to show support for the SAG negotiating team”. But, in reality, the point was actually “to get SAG actors who are also in AFTRA..." - I’m an AFTRA “must-join” at this point - " vote ‘no’ on the deal with the AMPTP, forcing everyone back to the negotiating table - this time with SAG - to get a better deal".

Long story short, I don't think that's gonna happen; I haven't talked to an actor out here yet who's eager to go on strike, no matter what they think of the AFTRA deal (And I think there's a reason the SAG leadership hasn't asked for a "strike authorization vote" by now; they know they won't get the 75% "yes" vote they need, from actors who are still hurting after the Writer's strike).

I’m tremendously frustrated right now - I think it’s absolutely insane that there are two actor’s unions in Hollywood competing with each other, instead of working together for everyone’s benefit. The bullshit that’s going on right now is giving aid and comfort to the Producers, and ultimately, the loser of this union turf war is going to be actors like Yours Truly.

Truth to tell, I do think AFTRA is trying to undercut SAG, and doing it by selling out their membership, and I don’t think the deal they made with the AMPTP is a very good one (unless your definition of "good" is "a deal that keeps AFTRA's leadership in jobs, while making working actor's lives more difficult").

In short, I kinda think AFTRA sucks.

But that said, I think it’s a waste of time and energy, and a case of putting the focus where it definitely doesn't belong, for SAG to be fighting with AFTRA right now, when its own contract with the AMPTP expires at the end of the month.

And not only is SAG fighting with AFTRA; The Hollywood branch is pushing this war with AFTRA, while the New York and Chicago branches are saying “No Thanks...!”. So at a time when there really should be "solidarity", instead there's fighting from within and without.

All I know is that the Producers have to be eating this shit up, laughing their asses off while counting their big bags of money.

Do you sense I'm a little frustrated...?

As I told Javier today, "At this point, I hate everybody"; The Producers would try to get actors like me for $50 and a cheese sandwich, if they could get away with it, and the only protection I have against being screwed over is my union, which is busily engaged in a pissing match with another union (which, in turn, is more concerned with perpetuating itself than in being of any actual use to it's members).

Like trying to act for a living isn't tough enough...


Well, in happier acting news, I have an audition tomorrow.

The call came while I was "in session" with Javier (I let it go to voice-mail, and checked it afterwards).

The call came from Direct Talent, which is a good thing - I really want them to get me out more, since I'd like to drop Brett (I pay him a 15% manager commission, when he's really just a quasi-agent, and I'd rather pay Vicki L. 10% to be my actual agent).

Another good thing, over and above just having an audition (It's been a month-and-a-half long dry spell, not that I've been counting the days or anything), is that I'm going to Isenberg Casting.

I did a workshop with Ivy Isenberg a long time ago, when she was an associate for Paul Webber Casting, and she brought me in for The Minor Accomplishments Of Jackie Woodman (For a scene as a security guard that, if I'd booked it, would have been the best thing I've gotten to do out here).

Now she has her own casting agency, and I'm very pleased that she's still thinking of me.

It should be a funny-weird audition - It's for a horror movie, I think called Dark House, and I have to do a death scene (Apparently, I've been killed by my computer).

Anyway, if I get it, I'll be shooting back in Santa Clarita next week.

Wish me luck...!


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