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2:13 pm - Mon 2/16/04
Watching My \"Stories\"

Watching My "Stories"

No time for a real entry, but I did want to at least "check in"...

My "stories" are dropping like flies--Ed is gone, Blue is either going into its final season, or has just one season left after this, and I just heard the official word this morning that Angel has been cancelled (This season will be the last).

This is tough for me, not just as a fan of the shows in question, but as an actor--I've fantasized about being a bad guy on Angel, and as I was telling Jane the other day, it's been a dream of mine to have "Sipowicz" slap me around in the squad room on Blue.

Well, allow me a moment to look on the bright side--These shows moving off the tv schedule might just free up room for the show that makes Yours Truly a star.

Hey, it could happen...


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