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4:19 pm - Thurs 4.17.2008
Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies

So what's going on...?

Well, I would have had my eighth audition of the month tomorrow, but they went non-union (Some Star Wars promo on Spike TV - Shame on everyone involved, I say), so JS emailed me back a short while ago to say, "Never mind...".

Speaking of JS, he's been pretty much "The Source Of All Good Things" lately; I got a check in the mail from him yesterday (residuals for the three Comcast gigs I did last year), and a notice that I have a callback for the Chik-Fil-A thing (Where I'm the seen-it-all "Janitor" watching a cow walking through the building)on May 9th, exact time yet to be determined.

Actually, Brett did recently come through (finally!) with my first theatrical audition since the Writers strike ended - I had an audition at Valko-Miller yesterday (The casting place that does Two-And-A-Half Men, amongst other things) for "The Untitled Brenda Hampton Pilot".

I don't know who Brenda Hampton is, but the pilot was a one-hour drama on the ABC Family Network, and I went in for the three-line part of the "Band Director" (I don't know exactly how "pilots" work, so I can't tell you if my not having gotten a call yet means anything or not. But I felt like the audition itself went well, regardless of the outcome).

So, I'm getting a lot of auditions, I just got a check (Small-ish, by commercial standards, but enough to cover next month's rent), and there's a callback awaiting me next month (If I book it, it might end up shooting on my birthday. Which would be fine by me. Cause what else would I be doing on my birthday...?).

In short, there are reasons to feel positive.

And even with ArcLight, there are reasons to feel...well, if not "upbeat", at least less "downbeat" than I have been lately.

Got this week's schedule, dreading what they were going to do to me - now that they officially have the right to schedule me any night of the week, and any time on the weekend - and guess what?

I've got the same four-day, Thurs-Sun night schedule I've had for months now.

I'm not mollified, based on the the first week's schedule since they issued their new rules, cause there's no guarantee they won't fuck with my schedule in the future, and at the most inopportune time.

But it would be nice if they appreciated me enough to actually "work with me" on this. It would be nice if they didn't see me as just another interchangeable meatbag

I guess time will tell.

And even if this week turns out to be just an aberration ("Ooops, we forgot to fuck up Jim's schedule last week...!"), I may have an "exit strategy", courtesy of Weight Watchers, that I can actually live with.

(If you don't read my "Weight Watchers" entry, I recently inquired about the possibility of working there, and the response from Lynn, who runs the Sunday morning meetings I attend, was very positive.)

But speaking of ArcLight, it's getting time for me to head there for tonite's Usher Greeter shift (I wasn't on the schedule this week, but took two shifts from Kat M., who is always given a bunch of UG shifts she doesn't want).

A few things to feel good about, and an "exit strategy" if/when things turn to shit - that's all I need right now to keep me going.


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