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1:46 pm - Sun 1/11/04
straw into gold

Straw Into Gold

Well, turns out the camera screwed up at Joe Blake's on Friday, so I have to go back tomorrow afternoon and do the O'Reilly Auto Parts audition all over again.

I know this falls under "These things happen", but I'm still annoyed--all that energy and effort to keep myself and JS and the bookstore happy, all for naught (My new appointment is at 4:00, so I guess this audition was just destined to make me late for work).

Oh well...!

I did enjoy doing the actual audition Friday, so at least it's a chance to do my little "scene" again.


Earlier today, in my other journal, I wrote a very short entry, bemoaning the fact that I'd pretty much been a "pussy" so far, in terms of revealing myself.

(Interestingly enough, considering that journal is, for the most part, anonymous, I've been less "revealing" there than I am in here. Go figure.)

I think the thing that turned me on so much about Anne Lamott when I started reading her was that she was more self-revealing in print than I usually am in my head. Her doubts, her fears, her angry, selfish/unkind thoughts, her joys, her love. All that stuff is what drives the work.

Cause that's where the power is.

The only way you can spin straw into gold is if you've got some straw in the first place.

And life's handed me a barn-full of straw.

So I guess I'd better start spinning.


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