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4:14 pm - Thurs 1/10/08
On The Sunny Side Of The Street

On The Sunny Side Of The Street

In my therapy session yesterday, Javier and I agreed: I need work on being more positive, and not getting sucked into a negative spiral of my own unhappy thoughts (Which is pretty much what happened this past holiday season. And "getting sucked into a negative spiral of my own unhappy thoughts" is something I've struggled with all my life).

Beyond the fact that it just feels better, and I imagine is better for you physically (Which, again, makes you feel better), having a more positive attitude strongely affects how people perceive you - whether they basically like you, or basically find you off-putting.

And since, as Javier pointed out, I'm in the getting-people-to-like-me business as an actor, it would help my career to practice looking "on the sunny side of life".

So here goes...


One positive thing about the holidays is that it makes me appreciate when it's not the holidays; I've very much enjoyed the return to relative normalcy the new year has brought (Like going back to my regular work schedule, for example. And having some commercial auditions to go to).

Got a fun thing in the mail today - A SAG "screener" copy of Hairspray.

And for the SAG Awards - I have the ballot on my desk - members are also getting screeners of 3:10 To Yuma, Away From Her, Into The Wild, and No Country For Old Men.

Those are the most "screeners" I've ever gotten (I think I got one the first year I was in SAG, and three last year). And I'm particularly pleased to be getting copies of Into The Wild and No Country For Old Men, since those were two of my favorite films this past year.


The new year means there are more new tv episodes of my favorite tv shows yet to see (Friday Night Lights, Lost, The Shield, etc).

There's not an inexhaustible supply, as we know, but I plan on enjoying and appreciating what there is for as long as it's there.

And thank God for tv!


I'm very encouraged by the interim deals Worldwide Pants, United Artists, and now the Weinstein company have struck with the WGA.

I'm not an MBA, but it makes sense to me - cut a deal with the WGA and start making money again, or don't cut a deal, and don't - and I'm hoping enough companies will strike enough of these deals that AMPAS (is that the acronym?) will give in, if not because it's the right thing to do ethically, because they don't want to lose out to their competitors that are making deals.


And now it's off to work.

And while I complain about ArcLight, in the spirit of this entry, here are some good things about ArcLight:

1. It's a job, and at least some regular money coming in. That's a good thing.
2. I like free movies.
3. I wanted something that was more conducive to auditions, and that's really been the case; it's rare that I have a conflict between the two now.

And with that, I'm off...


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