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8:59 AM - 09.27.23

Just Another Strike-Ending, Award-Winning Day...

Well, I don't know if this is how I should be starting my day, but it's earlier than I've been starting my days (And at least marginally more productive and "good for me"), so I'm going with it...

The big news in my world is that the Writers Strike is over as of today.

If there's writing to do, writers can now do it. And talk shows that employ WGA writers can go back into production as soon as they can manage it (Which I'm guessing makes Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher wish they hadn't recently announced they'd be going back into production while the strike was still happening, because there was some serious public blowback - Especially for Barrymore, since people generally like her. For most people, Maher's announcement just confirmed the general view that he's an asshole).

The general membership still has to vote on the deal, but between how good the deal struck seems to be - the AMPTP started out offering concessions that amounted to $80-some million per year, and the final deal is for something like $225 million - and how long the strike has lasted (It started back in early May), it's hard to imagine a "no" vote.

Though at this juncture, this news doesn't have any direct effect on me - the Actors Strike goes on for now - I'm hoping this is the harbinger of good news for actors as well (I prefer to think the Producers are as tired of losing money as actors are of not working, and not that they'll see us as their last chance to save some dough).

And it does feel good to think that I contributed, in a very small way, to the success of the Writers' mission - Before the Actors went out, Josh and I were picketing, along with a lot of other SAG-AFTRA members, in support of the Writers. And I have to imagine Actors showing up in force on the picket lines was both a morale booster for Writers and "bad optics" for the Producers.

Long story short, I'm feeling optimistic - With the Writers attended-to, all that remains is for the Actors to get a good deal, then for someone to offer Yours Truly a good deal (I'm not asking for much, just a great series-regular role on a great show that lasts five or six years which sets me up financially for the duration of my time on Earth).


In news that has even less direct effect on me, I'm kind of amazed that we're at a point where a former President gets convicted of business fraud and people seem to collectively shrug their shoulders (Trump was convicted in a New York court - yesterday? -and will likely no longer be able to conduct any business in the state. And it's possible he'll have to sell off his New York properties to pay the substantial fine he's been handed).

I guess everyone has "picked a side" at this point - the people who know he's a piece of shit aren't surprised, and the people who think he's some kind of populist hero just don't care.

I try not to "get political" in here - because, really, who gives a shit what I think about politics? - but everything about this lifelong scumbag offends me and nothing would make me happier than him spending his final years in the slammer.

Okay, that's enough of that...


I feel like I've been waiting forever, but tomorrow, finally, I head to Albuquerque for their film and music festival (I leave tomorrow morning).

While I'm not expecting tomorrow to be the best day ever - I don't like travel and I don't like getting up early, and tomorrow features both - I'm looking forward to the festival, and hanging out with Jane for a couple days after that.

As I'm sure I've said before, my experience with festivals so far has been quite positive (The "pizza analogy" just popped into my head - Like pizza, some festivals have been better than others, but they've all been good), so I'm going in expecting to have a good time.

We're screening Friday at 4:00, which seems like a pretty good time (As opposed to say, 10 am, which doesn't seem conducive to winning audience awards).

(And just as I was writing this, got a text from Jane - We won "Audience Favorite" at the Soo Film Festival! This is particularly nice, because we didn't attend that one, which means the film succeeded on its own merits, without benefitting from the excitement of having us in attendance.)

In addition to this festival, we have a radio interview coming up for Eau Clair, WI. And after that, there's the LaFemme Film Festival back here in LA.

It's nice to have a few things coming up. I don't seem to do very well when there's nothing going on, and nothing on the horizon.

But that's a story for another Diaryland...

(Till next time...)



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