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5:12 pm - Friday, Jun. 01, 2007
Stumping For Your Votes

Stumping For Votes

Hi Everyone...

My Coldstone Creamery commercial ("Heiress") is now on tv, and on the web at (I tried to do a LINK just now, but it wasn't working).

On the website, you can vote on your favorite of the three spots in the series.

I've seen that the actor who plays "Bigfoot" in one of the other spots is stumping for votes on his blog, so I guess I'd better ask for your votes as well (Since it makes sense that the most popular commercial online will be the one they'll run the most on tv, meaning more $$$ for the actors involved).

So please vote early, and vote often.

(And thanks to all the people who have emailed or commented on the spot. And if you've already voted for me as your "favorite", thanks for that as well)


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