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8:38 am - Sun 6/24/07
Early Sunday Morn

Early Sunday Morn

Up earlier than I want to be, because I've got a long day ahead of me (Visiting Cary and Kay--Cary's parents are in town--then working a box office shift at the theater).

But here we are.

Got the fourth Passions script in the mail yesterday--they Fed-ex'ed me the first three--and I have a line!

("The condemned is ready to receive the lethal injection whenever you give the word, Sir.")

I read the four scripts last night (Not really necessary, under the circumstances, but why not?). They were very repetitious and slow-moving in terms of plot (The scripts reiterate a lot of info so the viewer can "get up to speed" if they've missed a show or two). But the supernatural stuff gives things an interesting twist, and to say "no one's taking any of this too seriously" would be an understatement, so there's fun to be had in a silly, melodramatic way.

(I was going to explain my bit in the show, but then I realized one or two of you reading this might actually watch the show, and not want any "spoilers".)

This is an AFTRA show (AFTRA is the performer union that isn't SAG or Equity). So at some point, I may have to join that union.

(I guess you have a month after your first AFTRA show to do additional AFTRA shows without having to join. After that, you have to join, but you can have them deduct the fee from your paycheck.)

I think most of the work I'd want to do is SAG work. But the Passions people told Brett and Molly my taking this part wouldn't preclude them bringing me in for other things, so who knows?


Not working at ArcLight very much this week.

I was only scheduled for four days. Then I booked Passions, so I was down to three days (I found someone to work my Tuesday shift very quickly, which was nice). And my Friday night Usher-Greeter shift got off to a pretty bad start, so when they came around asking if anyone wanted to be "re-allocated" (i.e. sent home), I left after only working about an hour-and-a-half.

I had the day off yesterday, so after a workshop in the morning (Which went very well), I hopped off the Metro in the Los Feliz area, and saw a matinee of Oceans 13.

(The movie was fun. Nothing life-changing--you don't need to rush out to see it on my account--but for a pleasant time-waster, you could do worse.)

I ate at House of Pies, then walked home from there, stopping at a place called Wacko--that has all kinds of hip/cool/retro/nerdy toys and books and junk--then at a used bookstore (Looked for a hardcover of Lonesome Dove, which they didn't have).

It was a nice afternoon. Better, I think, than if I'd just went home and did nothing.

Since I had the night off, I wanted to call Jen and Molly, and see if anything was going on (I feel like I'm not really a part of the "social whirl" of the ACG/PMG/AMG people, because of my work schedule).

But I didn't. I don't know why. Too much potential for "awkwardness", I guess.

But speaking of "stuff going on", I think I'd better get on the road...


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