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1:56 PM - Mon 7.26.21

A Task Addressed

So far, relatively speaking, I am having a better-than-average day.

I showered and shaved, a couple of low-level positive things happened regarding my finances, I'm finishing two loads of laundry (And while in the process of doing laundry, my neighbor Brittany offered to help me with Unemployment - In addition to offering hand-holding services, she apparently has a special number that will lead to an actual person
talking with you about your case), and I texted with Jane R. (Who's back-in-town as of tomorrow morning).

And there's a good chunk of day left where other good things could happen.

But, all that good stuff notwithstanding, I'm feeling kinda stressed and depressed (Particularly "stressed", as if "things are getting away from me" - Like I've got an unwritten, amorphous "to-do list" in my head and am not crossing enough off this imaginary list to feel I've accomplished anything).

Recently did one thing that was hanging over my head for a while, and "renewed my driver's license" (Which I had to do at the DMV because I need to get the new "Real ID" that's going to be all the rage in 2023).

And I can't do the other thing that's been "hanging over my head for a while" - attending to my Unemployment (Even though I was given an extension, I need to "reapply" for some reason. Which doesn't feel like the way an "extension" is supposed to work...but I don't make the rules) - because I'm waiting for the IDme people to do what they need to do on their end to fix my account.

Tues 7/27/21 (2:26 pm)

Well, it felt like a lot, but I eventually got past my IDme roadblock (A short time ago), and started on the application proper.

...and immediately foundered badly - I won't bore you with the details (...for a change) - so I decided to not be a hero, and availed myself of the help my neighbor Brittany offered yesterday.

A short time ago, she gave me the number for our Assemblyman, Miguel Santiago. So I called his office, saying the magic words ("I'm having trouble filling out my Unemployment application"), they got my contact information, and told me an EDD specialist would be in contact with me.

Not "A Task Accomplished", but at least "A Task Addressed", which feels better than just "sitting in my anxiety" about getting it done (Now that I think about it, I believe this is pretty much what happened with my initial application...though in that instance, I did fill the application out first, only seeking help when it got rejected. But anyway...)

The big news of the day is that Jane R. is back in town!

Happily, she had the vim and vigor to do the flight without a lot of stress and strain, which was a point of concern (And her friend Candy was coming back on the same flight, which was nice).

This morning, I took a break from my struggles with IDme, and had breakfast with them (Well, watched them have breakfast while I had a coffee, since I had breakfasted earlier). Since I had spent much of the morning in a frustrated rage/panic, it was nice to "take a break" from that mess.

(And nice meeting Candy, who Jane loves more than most. And Jane's good opinion was born out - Candy was pretty delightful.)

Well, I could write about this and that, but why?


I have to go to PT in a few minutes, so I'm gonna just hit "send" and "call it good".

Till next time...



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