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4:26 pm - Fri 11/23/07
Happy Post-Thanksgiving!

Happy Post-Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving...

Mine was quite nice; I went to Cary and Kay's. And while it would have been even nicer if I hadn't had to work(I closed Guest Services, and got out around 2:00 a.m.), ArcLight aside, it was a better-than-average "Turkey Day".

And there actually was turkey, it turned out; when Cary initially invited me, he didn't think they were doing a turkey, but Kay decided last-minute she wanted one after all (And I'm glad she did, cause it was perfect. If I hadn't told myself beforehand to keep to single servings, I could have done serious damage to that juicy bird).

I'd had concerns leading up to the day, vis-a-vis the whole "Weight Watchers" thing, but I did very well; like I said, I had a small, single serving of everything that was offered (Except the jello salad, which I skipped, figuring I could do without the sour cream), and a very small piece of cheesecake.

After the meal, I felt strange - I was torn between really wanting more food (I could have made a meal of the stuffing all by itself), and being quite happy with myself for my self-control.

Anyway, beyond the food, I enjoyed just hanging out with the two of them, and with young Donovan (Who was very excited that there was company).

I got there at 11:00, and stayed till 3:00 (I told the two of them at the time that, left to my own devices, they would probably have had to kick me out at bedtime).

They're going to Michigan in a couple weeks, and will be there through New Year's, so they opted to give me my Xmas present (s) early.

They gave me a card, with a lovely check enclosed (I love gifts of money I'm basically ordered to "have fun" with).

And there was something else; some time back, in passing, I told Cary about a DVD of Fargo I had seen, that came with a snow globe of the crime scene in the movie ("Marge" is kneeling by a bloody body in the snow, in front of an overturned car).

I always thought that was a very cool "extra" to package with that movie. Very witty and fun

And what did Cary do, but find one on Ebay for me!

Do you need further explanation of why I love this guy...?

(Crap, I'm running out of time here...)

I was not thrilled about having to work last night, but it actually wasn't that bad. It wasn't that busy, Norma (My partner at Guest Services) was cool, and ArcLight did food for us, so I got to have another little Thanksgiving.

(I was even better behaved at this one than at Cary and Kay's, having just one serving of turkey, some mixed vegetables, and a small helping of Cesar salad.)

The only real "down side" to working last night was that it meant I was pretty tired today at my 10 a.m. workout. But I made it through (And even got myself to stay after long enough to do 20 minutes on the treadmill).

Well, now it's official - I really have to get to work...


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