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7:42 am - Fri 11/28/03
Thanksgiving 2003

Thanksgiving 2003
Thurs 11/27/03 (10:25 p.m.)

Thanksgiving Day 2003...

This Thanksgiving didn't quite work out the way I might have hoped, but that was basically my own damn fault (And if you think I'm about to pluck your heartstrings with some "poor little orphan boy" tale of holiday woe, things didn't end up being all that bad today).

Early last week–Maybe earlier than that, even--Pat asked if I wanted to do something on Thanksgiving. But I was holding out for Cary and Kay, and something a little more "traditional" than pizza and a movie, so I begged off.


Cary did call, but to tell me they had something planned on Thanksgiving (I assumed they were going to someone else's house). However, if I wanted to do a "pre-Thanksgiving" Thanksgiving thing, he and Kay would be up for that; unfortunately, the "down side" of getting the Incubus video was that between "the fitting from hell" and the actual shoot–not to mention work, of course--we weren't able to make that happen.

Then when I went back to Pat, basically saying, "You know, pizza and a movie sounds like a fine way to spend Thanksgiving...", he told me some friends in Newport Beach had called him in the interim, and he was going to have dinner with them, but maybe we could still do the movie thing later in the day (I said that would be fine, but figured it probably wasn't going to actually happen, and didn't think I should wait by the phone all day hoping it would).

So I went to the movies, down at the Los Feliz 3 (My cheap matinee place). I thought I was going to make a day of it, first seeing Shattered Glass then Master & Commander, but when I got there, Shattered Glass was gone, replaced by 21 Grams, and I was left with over two hours to kill till Master & Commander (Even if I had wanted to see 21 Grams, which I was ambivalent about at best, it had started a half-hour previously. And I had already seen Love Actually, the other movie on the bill, which had also started a half-hour previously).

So I had lunch at Fred 62, the restaurant next to the theater, having a turkey club and a piece of carrot cake as I read the current L.A. Weekly. Then I walked down to the Vista–owned by the same guy who owns the Los Feliz 3-- to see what might be playing there, but mostly just to kill some time (I still had 45 minutes left till the movie).

When I got back to the Los Feliz, the box office was open, so I bought my ticket, then waited in line to be let in, reading a little of Mark Twain's Letters From The Earth, from the Hoffmaster library, in the interim (I'd just finished a book Cary gave me–Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About–and was in between borrowed books from the bookstore. I've read Letters From The Earth before, but it's been awhile).

"Master & Commander" was quite good, I thought. Not the slam-bang action movie implied by the ads, but really more of a "life at sea" tale, bookended by great action sequences. I'd recommend it, if you have a taste for that sort of thing.

After the movie, I walked home. I'd thought about getting pizza earlier, and was still thinking about it on the way back to my place, even though I was still pretty full from the turkey club and carrot cake (I felt practically obligated to overeat, what with it being the holidays and all). But the cheap pizza place on Vermont was closed, so I bought a big Diet Coke and called it good (I had bread and peanut butter at home when I did actually get hungry again).

There was an email from Pat when I got home, written as he was heading out to his Newport Beach festivities; I emailed him back, and just got a response about a half-hour ago.

And that, basically, was Thanksgiving.

Honestly, I felt little bouts of self-pity at various points throughout the day, but I'm a big boy now–mostly–and was able to acknowledge that I was feeling a little sad, then just go about my business.

(I think I'm going to end this entry here, cause I've got a lot of other thngs to write about, and I don't want this to become oppressive.)


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