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10:45 pm - Thurs 8.07.2008
So You Think You Can Act

So You Think You Can Act

(For any interested parties, there are a couple new entries up on my new blog.)

Since one of my big "issues" these days, and for much of 2008 so far, has been the relative dearth of auditions, I'm pleased as punch to report that I had an audition today - a theatrical audition, no less! - and I have a commercial audition tomorrow.

And even if I don't book today's thing - a Disney Channel show called The Wizards Of Waverly Place - it was fun to go in, and leave knowing I did well. That's really about the most you can ever ask for at these things.

Tomorrow's commercial audition is for the NFL, and it's a national, so that would be a great "get" - I really need something to "fill the coffers", and this would fit the bill quite nicely, I should think.


When I saw Javier yesterday, I told him I'd done the Weight Watchers personality profile online.

I told him I was feeling a lot of anxiety about the whole thing - because if they don't hire me at Weight Watchers, and I don't book some acting things, I don't know where things go from there - he quite reasonably told me, in effect, that I had the next couple weeks off from worrying about it.

And it's true - I have another four pounds to go before I call Sherry (The WW "Territory Manager"), which means probably another three weeks at least before anyone's in a position to "yea" or "nay" me.

And in the meantime, rent's paid for the month, I'm eating good, I've got a national commercial audition tomorrow, and I've got this "Characterman" thing I'm working on (I've made a little over $28 to date, which breaks down to about $2 per entry. And that's honestly more than I thought I'd be making from this venture, particularly so early on).

So for the next couple weeks, I'm calling a moratorium on anxiety about money.


While I couldn't have cared less about The Jonas Brothers, and the Cirque De Soleil routine managed somehow to be strange and boring at the same time, I really enjoyed the finale of So You Think You Can Dance this evening.

There was lots and lots of dancing - even from some of the judges - which is what I want in a show called So You Think You Can Dance.

(I actually voted last night, for the first time this season - twice.
For Katee. Who came in third.)

One thing I really like about this show, beyond the things I've mentioned before (Great dancing, pretty girls dancing, Cat Deeley, etc), is that it's a contest that actually matters; As a young actor, I know if there'd been a show called So You Think You Can Act back in my day, and I'd won a $250,000 prize, that would have been a huge "leg up" towards realizing my dreams.

But before I lose myself in pleasant fantasies of quarter-million dollar paydays, I've gotta hit the pavement - Today's bike-riding simply wasn't strenuous enough to guarantee a happy weigh-in at Weight Watchers on Sunday.

So off I go...


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