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1:26 pm - Sat 1/17/04
Impoverished Thinking

Impoverished Thinking

(Not a lot of time to get an entry in--I'm dead on my feet right now, and work still looms ahead of me--but I wanted to write a little something before catching some pre-work zzzz's...)

Just got back from an audition at Chelsea Studios, on Ventura Blvd. A promo for CBS, which would be a pretty cool gig.

I was going in to be a scientist--my third "scientist" since starting up with JS--so before the audition, I finally broke down, went to a medical supply store, and bought a lab coat, a lab coat I should have bought years ago.

Seems to be my time for "spending money to make money"...

On Thursday, I applied for a passport; It doesn't come up often, but sometimes commercials shoot in foreign countries, and JS has suggested we should all have a passport (Afterwards, I felt like I'd thrown $85 down a hole, but I know I'd feel a whole lot worse if I missed out on booking a big commercial because my "papers" weren't in order).

On Thursday, I also looked in a couple of shops on Wilshire for a suit--That's another thing I should have bought years ago (When auditions call for a suit, I've been wearing my herringbone sportcoat and black pants)--but I couldn't make a decision--I can't afford to go nuts, but at the same time, what's the point in buying a crappy suit that you don't look good in?

(I'm going to make that a project for my next "weekend").

I say some wise things sometimes, but then I screw up by not actually listening to myself; some time back, I told myself "You can't plead poverty to the point you can't get the job done out here".

Yes, I have next to no money, and that means not a lot of extra toys for Jim. But a good wardrobe, a passport, etc, are things I need. And if that means spending money, I'm going to just have to take a deep breath, get out the plastic, and trust that the universe will provide.

I have another audition Monday--For Hyundai ("Hyundai on Monday...")--where I'm supposed to wear something monochrome, for a uniform-like effect.

It's another thing I've been asked to do before--come in dressed in a "uniform"--and it's not something that hard to work out, but I've been resistant to spending the money.

But we aren't talking about candy and gum and Hostess fruit pies; this is my job, and I need to suck it up and do what's required.

Cause if I'm not gonna, someone else will.

Well, it's bedtime for Jim. Nighty-nite...


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