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10:36 am - Sat 12/16/06
This Week In Review

This Week In Review

Well, other than than a couple less-than-fun days at work, it was a pretty good week...

The two old journals I wrote about recently--found by Marvin Goldstein in a box of stuff he bought at a secondhand store--came in Monday's mail.

(And thanks again Marvin--if you're reading this--for contacting me about them.)

The earlier of the two journals starts in June of 1980, which is the summer after I graduated high school and moved to Lansing, MI (Based on some comments I make in it, I think it's only the second journal I'd written). And together, the two journals cover about two-and-a-half years; one of the last things I write about in the second book is being in Hair, which was the winter of 1982.

As I told Jane, it's pretty fascinating, sometimes cringe-worthy reading, both in terms of what I write and how I write it.

And I'd like to write more about that, but I'm running out of time, so I'll have to save it for another entry.

(Jane has suggested an excerpt or two might be interesting reading, so I'll probably look through them at some point, to see what shameful secrets from my past I'd be willing to share with you.)

On Monday, I also got a card and some Xmas money from Margaret Z., so it was quite a day for mail I actually wanted to get (As opposed to the usual bills and junk).

Went to two workshops this week. I'd only been scheduled for one, but I signed up for the second, last-minute, when some space opened up on the "waitlist" (Because of cancellations, I was down to just three workshops this month, which meant I was paying a premium for being on the "A List". Which is going to be a thing of the past after next month, btw).

Both nights went well, but I particularly enjoyed Wednesday night, when I did a scene from Dead Poet's Society (Playing the Robin Williams character).

(There's only one more workshop left for the year--this afternoon--which really adds to my feeling that the next couple weeks are just "a holding pattern" while I wait for things to start up again in '07.)

After Thursday's workshop, I went to ArcLight, where I saw a tech screening of Dreamgirls (We are one of three theaters in the country doing a ten-day, very pricey ($25) screening of the film before it officially opens on Xmas day).

I haven't seen the show on stage, so I can't compare-and-contrast it with the movie, but I enjoyed what I saw, by and large. It kind of "fades in the home stretch", in my opinion, but Eddie Murphy is great, Jennifer Hudson sings her ass off, and I know she's way too young, too famous, and too "bootylicious" for me, but I'm now in love with Beyonce.

On Friday, I got Mark and Jane's "Xmas Box" in the mail. Goodies to eat (peanut brittle, fudge, an assortment of nuts), toys to play with (two X-Men action figures from the "Marvel Legends" game), a stylin' pair of bike gloves, and a generous Target gift certificate, which I've already spent a couple different ways in my mind (Though I'm thinking, primarily, of using it to supplement my meagre wardrobe).

And that pretty much sums up the nice parts of the week (Oh, I also got cards from Cary and Kay, and from Cary's folks. Which means I guess I need to get started on sending out my own cards).

But it's time for me to fly...


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