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3:52 pm - Thu 8/07/03
Thursday (Pt 1)

Thursday(Pt 1)

Have my first commercial audition in over two weeks tomorrow; It's for McDonalds, and I'll be "Onlooker/Guy Watering Lawn".

The only note from the casting agency was that they're apparently looking for someone "good with deadpan".

And here I am, ready to show the other kids how it's done...

(I've love to get this one; I don't think there are going to be lots of opportunities between now and Lansing--It can be three weeks, or longer, between the initial casting and a shoot, and I'm running out of time--but this is happening early enough that it'll probably shoot before the end of the month.)


Feeling like I perhaps overreacted to my recent, "crazy" email (And for the record, S., if you're still reading this--The "crazy" email wasn't from you, it was from the person "warning" me about you).

It's extremely unlikely anyone would cross the street, let alone go cross-country, to do me harm.

Besides, what would be the point of killing me now? I'm not even famous yet...


Reading Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (I'm about two-thirds of the way in).

Enjoying myself immensely. It's not been since maybe Lonesome Dove that I've felt so "transported" by a book (Or in this case, by a series of books). Five books into a seven book series, and in my opinion, they're getting better as she goes, which I think is quite an acheivement.

Well, this is shorter than I intended when I sat down, but time has gotten away from me--I'm off to see Seabiscuit at the Vista--so I'll probably write a more involved entry when I get home tonite.


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