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5:07 pm - Tues 10.07.2008
Interesting Times

Interesting Times

(There's a relatively new post up on my "Characterman" blog, for those of you who may be interested.)

Is it just me, or does it feel like we're living through the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times"...?

Cause man, these sure seem like "interesting times" to me.

I have a workshop tonite, so I'm taping the debate; with John McCain slipping in the polls (Due to the nosediving economy and, hopefully, due to the VP debate), and his campaign's decision to try to distract everyone from the economy with typical Republican smear tactics ("Obama hangs out with domestic terrorists. And his middle name is 'Hussein', which is very scary...!"), it'll be interesting to see if this outing will be as "polite" as the last one.

More disappointing than what McCain's doing - because, really, that kind of shit is just what the Republicans do when they don't have actual ideas - is the Obama camp trotting out the Keating 5 scandal from the 80s, to try to smear McCain (McCain was cleared of wrongdoing back then, but admonished for "exercising poor judgement").

It's a little more relevant to what's going on right now than trying to suggest Obama is a terrorist-lover who hates America...but it's still pretty weak.

I want both these guys to be above this sort of crap.

In news closer to home...

I worked my first Weight Watchers meeting on Sunday morning, at "my" meeting place, subbing for one of the regulars.

I was nervous, but everyone was nice, and I don't think I screwed things up too badly...

I didn't really understand, going in, that I wasn't going to have regular shifts once my training was finished, but I'm trying to be optimistic that meetings will come my way...hopefully, before I'm staring homelessness in the face.

I went back to that apartment I tried to check out recently (The grungy place where the manager didn't have a key and didn't know if they took pets), only to be told that, turns out, they don't take pets.

The place looks like it hasn't been tended to since the 40's, the manager has a security door on her apartment (Like a pawnshop), I imagine all kinds of bad goings-on are transpiring there...and their big issue is going to be that I have a cat?

It's kind of weird - I really don't want to move from where I'm at (Cause I like where I'm at) - but at the same time, I was really disappointed and sad that this grungy place in the middle of "Crime Central" was not going to be an option for me.

(Being told that place didn't take pets reminded me - One of the reasons I live where I live is that it was one of the few places I found online out here that did take pets. But anyway...)

Without over-reacting/freaking out/panicking/whatever you want to call it, I'm trying to "batten down the hatches" financially.

Got the application for the "Universal phone line" (i.e. phone service for poor people), and realized I had a problem - I haven't worked since May, and I don't have three consecutive months of "proof of income" to show them.

I called them, and explained my situation - haven't worked since May, I'm an actor, just started at Weight Watchers, but haven't started getting hours yet, etc. - and they were very understanding: They said if I couldn't provide proof of income, I wouldn't be eligible for the program.

So I'm going to look through my records, and try to cobble together something of an income for three consecutive months (Unfortunately, I didn't hang onto my ArcLight pay stubs - I found one from May, because I'm a pig, and there was one lying around, but that's all I've got).

Otherwise, I'm going to drop my land-line.

And I went online last night and applied for a coupon for a tv converter-box, "just in case" cable has to go.

BUT THIS JUST IN - Brett just called as I was writing this, and I booked the infomercial!

It's not big money - basically just a "session fee" of about $500 and change (After Brett gets his cut) - but that's $500 I didn't have before.

And it just makes me feel hopeful, know what I mean?

It shoots next Tuesday.

Just me and John Cleese, hanging out, doing a little comedy together. You know - Just another "day at the office" :)

And this seems like a good time to end this entry, on a happy note.


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