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10:33 pm - 11.05.2013
Three Cheers for "Tired Depressed Guy"

Three Cheers For "Tired Depressed Guy"

(A couple days ago...)

It's November already.

Now the clock's really ticking, in terms of getting auditions and bookings before 2013 is history.

And I'm not satisfied (If such a thing is even possible) - There's been no national commercial, no tv gig that's felt like a real "role" , no "potential game-changers"; It's basically been another year of "running in place".

But that said, at least it's been another year of successful "running in place", cause I'm still here.

And even if nothing else happens - which I hope isn't the case - 2013 has already surpassed the previous year in a couple respects; I booked a commercial (Not a "national", but a commercial nevertheless), and have worked more days/been on more episodes of tv.

But where 2012 kicks this year's ass is in the category of "Quality Of Work" - Last year I had the funny bit on Southland, a good appearance on Shameless, and the "cold open" on an episode of NCIS.

This year, in terms of "acting"?

I've had the bank commercial.

(And it strikes me as a little sad when, as an actor, the most "acting" you've done in a year was in a 30-second commercial.)

But the year's not over yet - Hopefully, there's still some life left in 2013.


In recent days, I have "pulled the trigger" on a number of things I've procrastinated about doing for some time:

1. I emailed Brett (my manager) with a number of career questions/concerns, and got his feedback (As a result, I've conferred with a friend about getting my more recent stuff on Breakdowns/Actor's Access).

2. I made a Dr's appointment (I'm going in later today).

3. And on Friday I called to cancel my cable.

(And I'm pretty sure there were a couple other things I "pulled the trigger" on that I can't think of at the moment. But anyway...)

Of those three things, the "biggest deal", to me, is cancelling the cable, because I really like having cable. I'm not overselling it when I say it's been not just entertainment, but an emotional comfort, and sometimes, even a source of inspiration.

But it's also been a source of stress and guilt (Particularly when they raised my rate a couple months ago); as my income waxes and wanes, I worry about whether I'm going to be able to pay my rent and monthly bills, I feel guilty about a big backlog of commissions I owe my "team" (Not to mention money I owe people I borrowed from years back and have never fully re-paid), and I sometimes wonder if cable tv is "too much of a good thing", keeping me from other things that might be more worth my time.

I can't go "cold turkey" - I'm just not that strong - and I can't just rely on the Internet (I have constant eyestrain from the amount of time I'm on the computer now), so my compromise is going to be to do what my friend Howard recently did; get a Roku, and sign up for Netflix and Hulu-Plus (For right now, maybe just Hulu-Plus, see if I really "need" Netflix).

After the initial outlay for the Roku, it's going to end up saving me at least $45 a month.

And in my world, that is a not-insignificant monthly savings.



Went to the Doctor yesterday afternoon.

I go so long between doctor visits that when I do go in, I tend to have a laundry list of complaints, but I basically boiled things down to "sleep issues", "bowel issues", and "back issues".

He gave me a cursory going-over (I'm getting a full-on physical a week from Monday), asked me some questions about each complaint (Also asking if I thought depression might be an issue...which it is), prescribed a "light" sleeping pill for 30 days (Referencing Michael Jackson and his doctor, he said that, due to my sleep apnea, "I can't give you anything heavier for insomnia, because I don't want to kill you"), told me to cut back big-time on the caffeine, and sent me off to the lab for blood and urine samples.

I want to be hopeful...but I'm not terribly hopeful (Particularly about the sleep thing - I've been tired for a really, really long time now).

But at least now I can say, "You're trying to take action. You're trying to make things better for yourself, instead of just feeling bad. So three cheers for you, 'Tired Depressed Guy'...".

So I didn't have any caffeine the rest of that day, and today I had my morning coffee, then a single 20 oz Diet Coke around noon (That's the limit we're shooting for, and cutting it off by midday).

So we'll see what happens.

Before my Dr's appointment yesterday, I bought my Roku, checking at Best Buy before ending up getting it at the Target on LaBrea, just blocks down the street from my my Dr's office.

Due to a mix of impatience and confusion, I ended up getting a Roku 1, for the same price I could have gotten a Roku 2 online (I have too old a TV for the Roku 3), and I set it up soon as I got home from my appointment.

I have to say - I was kind of giddy getting it out and setting it up; it's been a long time since I've had a new "toy" of any kind, and I was really excited to "take it for a test drive" (It was really easy to set up, least after I put the batteries in the remote the right way).

It's a bit of a change, but at this point, beyond missing Rachel Maddow at 6:00 (She was basically my "evening news"), the appeal of watching some things "in real time", and really digging on my dvr, I'm not going to be missing that much - I'm just going to be "time-shifting", which I was doing a lot of the time anyway.

One thing Howard mentioned missing when he dropped his cable that I miss as well is the digital clock on the cable-box/dvr. That was basically my "room clock" (I have a small alarm clock by my bed, but it's not illuminated).

Anyway, my verdict so far is "I made a good decision"...and, interestingly enough - so far at least - it seems to slow down my tv watching when I have to actually think about what I want to watch. And that's maybe a good thing.

Well, speaking of tv, I've got two loads of laundry in the dryer downstairs, and if they're on Hulu Plus at this point, I'm going to see if I can sneak in last night's "New Girl" and/or "Brooklyn 99" before my clothes are done...


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