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11:25 pm - Tues 1.03.2012
From \"Sick & Tired\" to \"Sicker and Tired-er\"

From "Sick and Tired" to "Sicker And Tired-er"

I'm sick.


This sucks.

I was going to see War Horse with Howard earlier this evening, but I called to beg off - i didn't get any sleep last night, and the idea of sitting in a movie theater, eyes burning with fatigue, struggling to breathe, lacked a certain appeal.

I never want to be sick, of course, but when I get sick twice, in quick succession?

It makes me nervous, like "What the hell's up with my immune system...?".

And I have my first audition of the year tomorrow (An NFL commercial)

I'm going in for the role of "English butler".

I want to be positive, I really do, but it's hard not to think "It's LA - There are probably British actors out here who have been butlers (Or at least played them countless times in movies and on tv).

But I'll do what I can. It would be nice to book something early in the year.

And if they didn't think I looked right for the role, they wouldn't have called me in, right?

In other acting news, had an exciting "false alarm" today...

While I was at WW, I got a call from Brett, saying the casting director from Community had called, wanting to know if I was available to come in tomorrow to do a one-line costar role opposite Danny Glover and one of the series regulars.

I told him I would call JS to cancel my commercial audition, then get back to him.

When I did, he apologetically told me they were not actually offering me the role, as he'd initially thought, but just "checking my availability"; it was between me and another actor.

Long story short, I didn't get it.

I was disappointed - I want to be on Community (And was glad to hear they're still in production) - but heartened by the fact they'd called me, since I'd been very disappointed in how my first audition there had gone.

As casting people do when delivering the bad news, they told Brett they "really like me" and would "bring me in for something else", which I know sounds like BS...but it isn't, necessarily.


I'm fading fast here, which I think is half the "not sleeping at all last night" thing, and half the "I just took some store-brand Nyquil, allergy pills, and an aspirin with a "sleep aid"...

Weds 1/4/12 (2:53 pm)

Just got home from WW a short time ago...

Now I'm dressed as my best approximation of an English butler, before heading out to my audition.

It struck me a few moments ago, thinking about my "attitude" going into this, that I don't know exactly what they want or what will or won't be required of me for the audition.

And that being the case, any negative thoughts about my chances, before I even go through the doors of the casting agency are just...silly.

(8:51 pm)

Well, despite my efforts at "positive thinking" - or at last non-negative thinking - the audition did kinda suck.

The lobby was packed to the rafters, they were running late(When I was finally seen, then signed out, it was over an hour past my original call time), I thought at least a good half-dozen of the guys who were being seen for the part looked more like a "stereotypical English butler" than I do (And two of them were actually British), and...well, let's just say there wasn't much about the experience I enjoyed.

I know I've said it before - Commercial auditions can be tough.

They just leave me not feeling very good afterward, a great deal of the time.

But they're the main reason the bills get paid, so what are ya gonna do?

Thurs 1/5/12 (3:45 pm)

Have to leave for work in a bit (Thinking about driving, because I still feel like crap, and because of said "feeling like crap", didn't go to the store earlier - and I need supplies. But anyway...)

Just feeling sick and blue - tired, lonely, depressed, you name it, it's just not a hell of a lot of fun being me just now.

I don't know if the shoot itself would have been fun, but it might have be fun if I'd actually gotten that Community part, and gotten to meet Danny Glover and "one of the regular cast members" (I'm guessing it would have been Donald Glover - who is not related to Danny, btw).

Or not; as I think I've already said- On Facebook, if not in here. I'm too lazy to scroll up the page and check - I was almost/kinda/sorta glad I didn't get picked. I really do feel like shit, and if I'm going to have an experience like playing a small role on Community and meeting famous people, it would be nice if I was feeling a little more like myself (And not giving Danny Glover and "one of the regulars" a cold).

I think if I were throwing-up sick, I might have tried to get someone to work for me at WW today - In fact, I'm almost certain I would have - but for whatever reason, it's always hard for me to justify staying home with a cold (Though what I'd really be staying home with is a particularly rough bout of sleeplessness, beyond my normal, "Why am I even bothering to go to bed anymore?". It's tough when you never sleep well in the first place, then have a cold, then have workers hammering and banging in your apartment building any time you even think about trying to nap).

Anyhow, those are the stories right now - "The Gig That Wasn't", "The Audition That Sucked", and "The Tired Guy Who's Getting Tireder By The Minute...But Still Has To Go To Work".

And my head hurts.

Other than that?

Life is just swell.


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