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12:36 am - Fri 9/05/03
In Transit

In Transit

Thu 9/04/03 (2:02 L.A. time)

(In the air, somewhere between L.A. and Minneapolis/St Paul. Almost two thirds of the way through the first leg of my journey...)

Spent the night at Cary and Kay's (They're letting me keep my car at their place while I'm away), and Kay gave me a ride to LAX; Got there around 11:00, boarded the plane at noon, and the flight left right on time at 12:15).

It took actually getting onto the plane for it to sink in that I'm "on vacation"; I don't have to worry about Borders, I don't have to worry about what is or isn't happening with acting, and I certainly don't have to worry about being on vacation!

(The absurdity of that struck me last night; It would have been nice if it had struck me a week or two sooner, but better late than never!)

When I spend the nght with Cary and kay, it strikes me that the evenng is always divided into two halves:

The first half of the evening is spent with the three of us chatting, eating (homemade pizza last night--YUM!), and watching tv. Good times...

Then, since they're actual adults, they go to bed at a decent hour, and I stay up for half the night; suddenly, it's like I'm a guest at the "Brown Hotel", enjoying all the amenities (Cable tv, a mini bar of soda and snacks, a comfortable bed, and--a new feature--a DSL computer connection).

Kay has gone back to school (For a degree in graphic design), and at one point, showed me her work from the beginning drawing class she's taking.

I was very impressed. She obviously has loads of talent (Though she kind of scoffed at that notion, suggesting it was more "learned craft" than "natural gift").

Looking at her drawings made me think about my own efforts in that area; The thing that impressed me most with Kay, from her description of how she' s worked, is that her desire to get it right trumps any frustration she might feel over not getting it right. She just goes over and over something until she figures out how to do it.

I could learn a lot from her in that department...

Speaking of Kay, I realized recently, happily, that somewhere along the line, she's become more than just "Cary's wife" to me. She's no longer just an annex to my friendship with Cary, but feels like a friend in her own right.

( I think one reason I feel closer to her now is that her experience out here parallels my own, in a number of ways; She came out here without a job, then ended up with one that was not completely satisfying, had an initial fear of the LA freeway system, has had a hard time making friends of her own out here, and is working uphill to make an artistic venture--in her case, a home photo restoration business--pay off. Somehow, it all sounds vaguely familiar...)


(7:40 pm, Minneapolis time)

Have been in the air maybe ten minutes...

There was about an hour layover at the Minneapolis airport, so when I saw that they were only serving a beverage on my upcoming flight, I bought a Famous Nathan's chili dog (With beans!) and a Diet Coke, then kept myself entertained by watching a chubby blonde toddler, who when he wasn't putting on a show for me (the little hambone!) was using his Dad as a jungle gym.

Jumping back to this morning...

Before going to bed, around 3:00 am, I started to get a headache. Well, I still had it when I got up, and a little bit of an upset stomach to boot. It was like there was a direct line from my head to my stomach.

Kay offered me breakfast, and I realized a short time later that my recent "throwing up at Denny's" episode didn't have anything to do with Denny's; I had a little more warning this time, but much the same as last time, the urge to throw up hit me pretty quickly after I started eating.

I came back to the table--Kay had heard me being sick--and finished eating (Does it sound really weird that I do that? I just figured I had a long day ahead of me, and didn't think I was going to get much to eat on the plane). And though I felt a little "off" the rest of the day--not really "sick", but much more full than I should have felt, considering I really didn't eat much at all--I didn't get sick again.

I'm a little concerned; Even during that period of time I was having my chronic "morning sickness", I only actually ever threw up once.

Now I've thrown up twice in the past two weeks, and I have no idea what's happening.


(Heading into Lansing...)

A good experience, all in all (This flight)...

I've flown maybe ten times in my life so far, so it's still a pretty novel experience. And yes, I did pretend I was a big movie star (Imagine what'll happen the first time I get to fly first-class...!)

This was also my first flight in the "Post 9/11" era...Much to my embarrassment, I had honest-to-God contraband in my backpack (Two small screwdrivers, and a pair of pliers).

(They took them, which was no big deal--They were all things I'd gotten at the 99 cent store--but afterwards, I amused myself by imagining what a serious badass I'd have to be to hijack a plane with a pair of pliers and two tiny screwdrivers!)

(Just landing...)

Well, the wings didn't fall off, nothing blew up, and no one tried to fly the plane into a tall building.

In short, a good flight...


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