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3:19 pm - Thurs 6.03.2010
The \"Network Trifecta\"

A "Network Trifecta"

Well, I was trying to catch a nap before work, but my windows are open - because my kitchen was repainted earlier today - and even though I'm pretty tired, the street noise was just too much for my delicate sensibilities.

So here we are.

Anyway, the good news today - and it's very good news - is that I booked for Parks and Recreation.

(It shoots tomorrow afternoon.)

That was the earliest of the three auditions I had last week, so since things typically move quite fast in tv casting, I assumed I didn't get it...but I did.

As I've said before, I want to book everything I'm up for, but some things I want more than others...and this would be one of those things; for while now, I've wanted to get a comedy on my resume.

And this isn't just a "comedy" - for my money, it's one of the best comedies going - so I'm a pretty happy chappy.

Beyond being the comedy credit I've wanted (on a really good comedy that will, I hope, lead to other "really good comedies"), booking "Parks and Rec" is, 1. the "one more booking" I wanted to "sneak in" before heading back to Michigan for a week, and 2. the completion of my "Network Trifecta" (I've previously booked shows on CBS and ABC).

As for the part itself, I'm "Carl", one of the good citizens of Pawnee, Indiana - the fictional city where the show takes place - who weighs in during a town-hall meeting.

It's a small part - just two lines - and I'm getting "scale" (Which is substantially less than my "quote").

But, it's with Amy Poehler, it's a funny bit...and all that other positive stuff I already wrote about.

So, once again - Happy Chappy.

Actually, this is the second thing I've wanted, pre-trip, that has come to pass; before this, I thought "It would be really nice if I got a substantial commercial check before I left"...and I promptly got a residual check for my FedEx spot for almost $2500 (Like booking "Parks and Rec", I thought the time where I was going to get decent-sized checks for my commercial had already come and gone).

It's very important I take pains to remember when things like this happen, as an antidote for my tendency for depressive, "Things never go my way" thinking.

But right now, I should be employing some "Getting ready for work" thinking...


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