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12:06 am - Thurs 10.16.2008
Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

Just finishing blogging at some length about my infomercial shoot with John Cleese.

While it didn't do anything for me in immediate financial terms, Tuesdays shoot was - clearly - the highlight of my professional career so far.

As I've said to a couple different people - and to my therapist yesterday - I came out to LA in order to make a living as an actor, but "making money acting" is only part of the goal.

Part of the dream is to get paid to act (And to get paid well enough to make a good living), but also to get paid while doing good work with good people.

Those pieces haven't all come together yet; I still don't have an honest-to-God acting "career".

Not yet.

But working, for the first time out here, with someone I truly admire, in addition to being a dream-come-true, has gotten me thinking that an "honest-to-God acting career" is truly possible for me.

I was thinking this feels a lot like the way I felt when I shot the Time-Warner cable commercial where I played a police captain - In and of itself, it's not necessarily a "game-changer" (Though you always hope it will be), but it definitely made me feel like more was possible (When I shot that commercial, I thought "If I've been cast as a cop in this commercial, I clearly could be cast as a cop on a tv show or in a movie..."; doing this infomercial with John Cleese makes me feel like "If I can be on screen with John Cleese in an infomercial and not seem out-of-place, it doesn't seem out-of-line to think I could be on screen with someone of his caliber in a tv show or movie and not seem out-of-place either...").

It gives me hope - "Hold on long enough, Jim, and maybe your dreams really will come true...".


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