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5:25 PM - Fri 5.01.20

Don't Judge A TV Show By Its Title

Where to begin...?

Still in the funk I wrote about in my last entry - Or, to be more accurate, I'm back in the funk I wrote about in my last entry (Thought I'd shaken it,...but turned out to be only a brief respite).

But I don't want to spend this whole entry navel-gazing about my depression, so "onward and upward"...

One nice thing that's happened since I last wrote: I received another check for the Coke Energy commercial (While the Reeses Take Five commercial was a one-and-done, Superbowl-only affair, Coke Energy has done pretty well for me thus far).

That's a good thing, both pragmatically and emotionally (As of this writing, I'm not worrying about how I'm going to eat or pay bills, which brightens my outlook on things considerably - Can't imagine where my head would be at right now if there were no auditions, no Shameless, and no money coming in from anywhere except WW).

Another nice thing; had a bunch of Cameos last month (I think eleven, total)

It makes sense that demand would go up during this time (It's a fun gift thing you can do for someone without going anywhere or doing anything and risking illness and death), which adds to the light sense of guilt I feel for being better off during this time than a lot of other folks,

(But in this instance, I can live with the guilt.)

While I am built to procrastinate about absolutely anything I "have to do" - and there can be a little stress over figuring out how to do a given Cameo, and frustration over blown takes and whatnot - doing a Cameo is, most times, easy and fun (I enjoy the challenge of coming up with something fun to do/say based on the info I've been given).

And I was very gratified when I recently - and with some trepidation - raised my asking price to $35, seemingly with no ill-effect (This from a guy who, starting out, wasn't sure there'd be any interest at all).

I'm headed toward a thousand dollars in earnings from when I started (Which amounts to a month's pay - and then some - from WW, for what amounts to a couple hours of work all-together). It's not a dependable side-income, and I imagine it'll drop off a cliff once Shameless ends (At least till I get my next show), but for now, it basically feels like "found money" for something I like to do.

And it's a boost to my self-esteem - I'm not charging an arm-and-a-leg for these things, but thanks to Shameless, my time and energy and effort are worth something, and that's nice.


(7:50 pm)

(Just took a break to watch the second part of the second "rough cut" of the documentary, which Jane sent me a short time ago.)

On Wednesday night, I was happy to help my buddy Mike M. out with his self-tape audition (The same audition I'd done a week or two earlier, though he auditioned with a different scene) - He'd called in to read with me, and I was quite pleased to be able to reciprocate.

I think Mike had an even more jaundiced view than I did about the audition "leading to anything", but he did a great job, and I think had the same view I did - It was good just to "get over the hump" and actually do one, almost as "practice", so you'll know what to do when you get one that actually could "lead to something" (Going in I wasn't sure, but turned out it was also his first time doing a self-tape on his own. And there were some "hiccups", but I think we got it done within an hour, around the same length of time it took to do mine).

We talked after for a bit, which was nice (Though he introduced a scary thought I hadn't really considered, which was that, due to current circumstances, we could get cut out of the show as a cost-cutting/safety measure - It would be nice to imagine we're "essential" to the show, but the truth of the matter is...we are not).

(But until and unless I find out otherwise, I'm assuming there's gonna be a Season !! and I'll be in. it.)

Another thing I enjoyed recently was working my way through Schitt's Creek, a show I didn't watch through the entirety of its original six-season run, because I thought the title was so stupid. But I was impressed at how much the Rose family grew on me over time.

Well, there could be something else, but I don't think so (And I'm pooping out anyway).

Till next time...


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