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9:12 pm - Fri 12.11.2009
I Just Want To Book One More Gig...Okay, TWO More Gigs

I Just Want To Book One More Gig...Okay, TWO More Gigs

Loving the Post Office these past couple days - Got two checks in yesterday's mail, and in today's mail, there was another residual check (For Monk), and Xmas cards from Margaret Z. and Kevin K.

(Starting to get Xmas cards reminds me - I need to start getting my own cards out.)

And in "Don't write the year off just yet" news, I have a callback for Emerald Nuts tomorrow (a Saturday callback being unusual, but not unheard of), and a guest-star (!) audition on Monday for True Jackson VP, a Nickelodeon show.

I'm particularly pleased about the Emerald Nuts callback, because while I went in with a full head of steam, confident about my chances, I left feeling so bad that it may still end up the topic of a future D-land entry (As a textbook example of "Why Commercials Auditions Are So Hard").

I'm happy the 12:30 audition time tomorrow will allow me to work my WW meeting in the morning, and see Bette - My therapist - in the afternoon.

(That's one of those things I have to stop and take a moment to appreciate - How often things "work out" - cause otherwise, I tend to fixate on the times things don't work out so well. But anyway...)

The True Jackson VP audition is going on tape for producers, so Brett instructed me to prepare for it as if I were going in to work that day.

He told them my I'm In The Band gig was a "guest-star" (it wasn't), so now I have to put it on my resume as a "guest-star"...which I'm not 100% comfortable with.

(But as lies go, it's pretty harmless; he got permission from the I'm In The Band casting office to push my gig with them as a "guest-star", and anyway, it's not like it promises anything I can't deliver.)

But this is for a real guest-star part, and better yet, there's the possibility of them "introducing" my character in the episode before the one I'm actually auditioning for - Two "guest-star" appearances for the price of one audition

Needless to say, after this little burst of checks and auditions, I'm feeling better than I was before the little burst of checks and auditions.

It doesn't help me answer the question I've been asking a lot lately - "What do I have in my life other than acting?" - but I'm pretty comfortable putting that question off till after I book these two gigs.


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