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Mon 10:51 AM - 11.27.23

I Can't Do "Fast and Furious" - Would You Settle For "Slow And Lethargic"?
If you've been following along, you know that earlier this year, I started going to GenSpace, a "community center" for old folks with the goal of keeping them mentally and physically active, and socially engaged.

I joined on the advice of my Psychiatrist (It would feel weird to refer to him as my "Prescribing Psychiatrist", but that's what he is. I don't see him on a weekly basis, like a regular therapist - He's my "Dr. Feelgood", as I like to say).

I initially felt some chagrin about the whole thing. I didn't want to feel like I was old and useless and needed a "Senior Center" just to see people or have something to do.

But a short time ago, I called the place, to have them sign me up for classes this week, got their voicemail, left a message saying what I wanted to sign up for...then five minutes later, looked down at my phone and saw that I'd never hung up.

So...maybe my spending time at a "senior center" isn't such a crazy thing...

(Just called again, to check if they're open, and once again got the voicemail. So it looks like I may have to keep myself "entertained and engaged" today...)


My holiday was quite nice - As usual, I had Thanksgiving with Cary and Kay up in Santa Clarita.

I like how they do Thanksgiving - It's a little "extra", but not so much so that you feel guilty for "overdoing it" (They did, however, have two pies on offer - chocolate and apple - and, being polite like I am, I had one of each just so they wouldn't feel bad).

And we've kind of started a new "thing" the last couple times I've been there, playing Scrabble after the meal, which has been fun (I've had a nice little run of "wins" so far, but I expect to be "dethroned" as The King of Scrabble before too long - I have no strategy beyond really focusing on the double and triple-scoring spaces - so I've avoided jumping up on their table and doing a victory dance, or anything like that, as I know the tiles will not keep falling my way forever).


Last night, I saw The Iron Claw, a movie about the Von Erich Brothers, a family of professional wrestlers in the late 70s/early 80s who experienced a crazy amount of tragedy over the years.

Not knowing the story (I haven't regularly watched wrestling since I was a kid in the late 60s/early 70s), I went in expecting, if not an outright comedy, at least something of a "dramedy" - It's about professional wrestling, so it has to be kind of ridiculous, right?- but The Iron Claw was definitely not that kind of movie.

I thought it was good, but it somehow didn't quite move me like I would have expected. And if I had to guess why, I think it's because I didn't walk away feeling like I knew the characters in question - even at two hours and twenty minutes (And with the screenplay actually leaving out one brother altogether), the characters felt more like sketches than full portraits - so I felt like I was watching their tragedy at something of a distance.

Now, maybe I shouldn't speak too soon, but I'm keeping up with the screenings on offer better than I thought I would (As of this writing, I don't have any screenings outstanding - and I just checked my email a few minutes ago - while I think I have three digital screeners available to me I haven't watched yet).

But I imagine they'll start flying fast and furious starting next month. Which will be nice - the is being renovated starting on the 8th and will be operating in a borrowed space with a reduced schedule for a month. So it'll be nice to have something else to get me out of the house.

Well, I'm feeling anything but "fast and furious" at the moment - I'm closer to "slow and lethargic" - so I think I'm going to lie down for a spell, then see what the rest of the day has on offer.

(Till next time...)



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