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12:35 - Tues 10/25/05
Another Wacky Episode Of \"My Name Is Jim\"

Another Wacky Episode Of "My Name Is Jim"

Just deleted a long, boring entry, in the hope that I'll be able to replace it with a slightly-less long, marginally more interesting entry...

Wish me luck.

I counted recently, and with the addition of Jane's recent HBO "sampler"--A tape of Rome, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Comeback, Entourage, Extras, and Deadwood-- I've seen some 35 new tv shows this season (Shows that are new, and shows that are just new to me).

That's a lot of tv.

The idea behind all this tv watching is to be prepared: If one of the casting directors I've seen at a workshop actually calls me in for something--Let's say, for an example, a small part on E-Ring (About daily doings in the Pentagon)--It only makes sense for me to have seen an episode of the show beforehand, so I know the "world" I'm trying to fit into.

I've seen a number of shows where I could imagine having a small part (Or even a guest-star role when the time comes). And a number of shows it's hard to imagine myself on at all (I was joking with someone that on One Tree Hill--one of the WB's teenybopper dramas--if they had a part for a homeless person, they'd cast it with a 25 year old male model, put a smudge of dirt on his cheek, and call it good).

Police procedurals and medical dramas seem to offer the most potential roles--patients and criminals and crime victims and family members and so on--but I could also imagine myself on any of the "supernatural" shows (As either a "hapless victim" of the phenomena in question, or else a "strange manifestation" of the aforementioned phenomena).

But of everything I've watched so far, only My Name Is Earl and Deadwood left me feeling like "I could totally be a regular on this show...".

That was discouraging.

I'm hoping that's a failure of imagination on my part, and not a realistic assessment of my place on the tv landscape, because as far as I can see, my only shot at anything approaching financial security as an actor at this point is somehow, some way, getting a tv series.


Did a good thing yesterday--I applied at the ArcLight Theater.

The ArcLight is the movie theater in L.A. (And if I'm going to work at a movie theater, I want it to be the best).

And it seems like they'd be pretty enthusiastic about someone who wanted to work nights and weekends.

AND--And this is pretty huge--it would mean free movies (And did I mention the ArcLight is probably the best movie venue in all of L.A.? And readily accessible by bicycle?).

And if I were able to see all the movies I wanted--Which I've never been able to do--it might also dovetail nicely with thoughts I'm having about trying to turn all this online journaling I do into something more "financially rewarding" (By, for example, adding more talk about movies--And tv, since I'd be able to afford cable with all the money I'd be saving--building up a readership, and accepting/inviting tv/dvd/movie ads. Don't know if that would be possible here on Diaryland, or if I'd have to figure something else out, but it's something I'm thinking about)

So wish me luck on that. I think, as jobs go, I could live with this one (One of the things holding me back in terms of a "job search" is that--let's be honest here--I don't really want to do anything.
And I don't feel a particular calling to mop theater floors and tear tickets, but if it paid enough for me to live on, if they were flexible about the acting stuff, and I got to go the movies whenever I wanted, for free...I think I could deal.


A "down side" of applying at the ArcLight yesterday?

I parked my bike on the sidewalk...and my front and rear lights got stolen.

(In a rather amazing display of oblivousness, I didn't even notice they were missing--I rode my bike from the ArcLight directly to work--until I was leaving the bookstore at 11:30 last night.)

That's 20 or 30 dollars worth of illumination that'll need to be replaced.

I'm moderately-to-highly frustrated with myself over this, because it's the second time in less than a week that my own stupidity has cost me money I could ill-afford to lose (I should have taken the lights off and put them in my backpack, but I didn't even think about it. And last Wednesday, I lost the plug that went into the ignition "kill switch" on my car alarm, and had to call Triple-A the next day to have my car towed to an alarm place; they took out the "kill switch", so now I just have the "noisemaker" part of the system).

But things could be worse--Mark and Jane gave me, amongst other things, a Target gift card this past Xmas, and after blowing a good chunk of it on "man-dolls", I decided to hold onto the last part of it for "something I might need" in the future.

Like the lock-box I'm supposed to have for my notary journal.

Or a pair of pants (Or two pairs, if they're on sale), to replace the ones that are wearing out in the crotch from all the bike-riding.

Or speaking of bike-riding, the bicycle seat that's about to "give up the ghost".

But I think this lighting issue has moved to the top of the list, because if people can't see me on my bike when I ride home from work, they'll hit me, hurting and/or killing me in the process.

And that would be bad.


Got another notary call this past Friday.

And I was at work.


Speaking of "top of the list", the trouble I'm having here is that I'm not at the top of anyone's list of notaries, so I'm only going to get called last-minute, if the guy (Or gal), who is "top of the list" can't do it.

So when I get my business cards, I have to send some letters out to these registries I'm on, and remind them I'm out here. And hopefully, move one or two numbers up on "the list" in the process (And if I get called for an "emergency notarization", please let it be one I can actually do, let me do it without screwing it up, and let them think "Hey, this Hoffmaster guy is someone we oughtta use more often...").


Well, the very next day after my visit to the sleep specialist, I had to get all proactive, and "take matters into my own hands": At 4:00 p.m., when I realized no one was going to call me about scheduling my sleep study, I called them, and arranged to have them study my sleep on December 8th, at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.

And speaking of sleep, I think I'm going to lay myself down and try to get some (I had to shower early today cause they're cutting off the hot water--for the ongoing and eternal "repairs"--and I have to leave for work early today, to get the aforementioned bicycle lighting at Targets).

Nitey nite...


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