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4:15 pm - Mon 6/18/07
A Walk On The Positive Side

A Walk On The Positive Side

Well, in spite of a nagging case of "The Blues", there are actually a couple things to feel good about...

1)More than six weeks after the initial meeting, I finally have the paperwork from Direct Talent.

I have lingering "concerns" I don't really want to get into right now; let's just say I'm going to put those aside, take a walk on the positive side, and think happy thoughts about this new relationship leading to "The Promised Land" of more auditions, more bookings, and more money.

2)Met with Michael Saturday night--Michael is one of the managers at ArcLight--in order to do a "state of the state" of how I feel about ArcLight, and how ArcLight feels about me.

Long story short, ArcLight continues to be happy with me, and I'm about as happy as I'm gonna get with ArcLight (At least until there's more money and better benefits involved; and there's actually been some talk to that effect, but I'll let you know more about that if/when it happens).

I'm always happy to hear the bosses are pleased (No matter how I feel about where I'm at and what I'm doing), because it makes me think I've got a deposit in the "goodwill" bank should I need it (I think that's the way it should be, in any case. That's the number one reason I find high management turnover discouraging--If I'm not getting well paid, at a place like ArcLight or Borders, I want to at least feel I've got "history" that might help me in the long run. Say, for example, if I need management to be "flexible" with me about acting stuff. And when there are new managers every other week...well, so much for "history"; even if there's a record of your deeds written down somewhere, it's not really the same).

(For the record, while there is a lot of management turnover at ArcLight, there are also managers who've been there longer than I have.)

3)Jane's Sopranos tape was in today's mail.

I know what happens up to the ending-that-wasn't-an-ending (Or was it...?), but I'm still excited to watch for myself and see what I think.

Well, once again, there's more to say, but I'm out of time to say it...

So long for now, fellow travelers.


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