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3:25 pm - Tuesday, Jun. 05, 2007
Leaving Them Wanting More

Leaving Them Wanting More

Last Wednesday, I karaokeed, if that's a word, with about 8 or 10 people from JS Represents.

(I was disappointed when I got there and saw that, other than JS himself, I didn't know anyone; I'd hoped Kelly P., who I have a crush on--and who is too young, too pretty, and probably too successful for me--would make an appearance.)

When I'd only gotten to do one song ("Keep Your Hands To Yourself") in two hours, I was feeling kinda put-out, cause it's never crowded there--"there" being Oiwake in Little Tokyo--and I've typically gotten to get up and sing as much as I've wanted to.

But unlike other times I've been there, the DJ was pimping for tips (It costs $1 a song to perform, and when I paid for two songs with a $5, I had to actually ask for my change back. Afterwards, it took awhile for me to realize what was going on; for a smart guy, I'm sometimes surprisingly slow on the uptake).

Anyway, after someone actually intervened on my behalf, I ended up doing a second song ("Word Up"), then a third ("Mama Told Me Not To Come") as things were winding down.

And when I thought about it afterwards, that actually worked out really well--Better to do just a few things, where I can use my karaoke "secret weapons" (dancing and harmonica playing) to bring down the house, than get up onstage over and over, because honestly, the "law of diminishing returns" kicks in pretty quickly for me as a musical performer. I just don't have the chops to be endlessly entertaining in that realm.

It's an old show-biz maxim ("Always leave them wanting more") that I wish more people followed.


Earlier today, I was reading the blog on a fellow ArcLight worker's MySpace page, where he comically bemoaned the fact that the highlights of his week were going to be things he either had watched, or was going to watch, on tv.

But that's pretty much where I'm at this week--Barring some delightful surprise, the season finale of The Shield tonite is likely to be the highlight of my week.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Knocked Up, which has been getting really good reviews, and which isn't playing at ArcLight (I don't have any workshops scheduled on my days off, so I can see it at some point over the next two days, even if I end up having some auditions during the day).

(I've met Katherine Heigl at ArcLight, by the way, and she was really cool. And I have to be honest--I think there was a pretty intense sexual chemistry there. Which was a little awkward, since she was with her husband at the time.)


Well, I actually just called ArcLight to see if they really needed me--It was deadly slow yesterday, and today won't be any different, I don't think--because I'd really rather be doing this than cooling my jets at the theater.

But the mid-shift manager wasn't comfortable making that decision for the closing manager, so it's off to work I go.

And anyway, this way, I "leave you wanting more".

(You do want "more", don't you...?)


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