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3:28 pm - Sat 5/13/06
Two Wheels And A Couple Of Helping Hands

Two Wheels And A Couple Of Helping Hands

Fri 5/12/06 (11:17 a.m.)

After writing about my stolen bike, and telling anyone who would listen, I’ve received assistance–and offers of assistance–from a number of people.

I thought this was sort of weird...

While doing laundry in the building, I was telling someone about my misfortune, and he said if I wanted, I could borrow his bike till I get a new one–It just needed new tires (He said he’d reimburse me for the purchase).

I told him I’d think about it, but later, when I decided to take him up on the offer (Since at the time, I didn’t know when I’d be getting another bike), I’d forgotten the guy’s apartment number.

So I asked George, the apartment manager, telling him the situation, and he said he had an old bike I could use, “...and it has tires”.

He took me down to the basement, to the storage/utility room, and showed old bike; when the guys at the bike shop told me it wasn’t worth fixing anymore, I’d put it out in the lobby, with a note saying “If you want it, it’s yours”. And I guess he wanted it.

So for the past week, I’ve had my old bike back, the one I threw away something like five months ago (It’s pretty messed-up, but still “ride-able”).

Sort of weird, huh?

In addition to people offering up their bikes as “loaners”, a Diaryland reader (Who has asked to remain nameless) sent me a check, and another recently emailed me, also offering a contribution to the cause.

But happily, it looks like I won’t be needing those charitable contributions, however grateful I am for them, because as they’ve done so many times before, Cary and Kay have offered their assistance as well: Cary read about my plight, told Kay, and Kay said since they have two bikes, seven or eight years old, that they don’t really ride at this point (With a 1 ½ year old, and Cary working crazy hours at his job), I could have her bike.

(I guess Kay told Cary, “By the time we’re riding bikes again, I’m going to want a new one anyway...”.)

So I’m going to visit them on Sunday, and take a look at the bike in question. And assuming it meets my rigid specifications (i.e. it has pedals and brakes and stuff like that), I’m going to gratefully accept their generous gift.

I just feel more comfortable taking Kay’s old bike than taking other people’s money.

So there you are.

You know something? While I would rather not have had my bike stolen, and I’d rather not be the guy who chronically needs “helping out”, this has been a nice reminder that there are kind, generous people out there.

And more to the point, there are kind, generous people out there who are “in my corner”.

I have a bigger “family” than I realized.

And that’s a good feeling.


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