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12:56 pm - Fri 5/6/05
From The Law Firm Of Whine, Whimper, And Complain

From The Law Firm Of Whine, Whimper, And Complain

Well, you know not much is going on in your life when you're catching up on email, and the biggest news you can come up with is that you recently bought a bike helmet and spray-painted it black (The helmet was originally blue; I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I was very unhappy that it "clashed" with my bike, which has a "champagne" frame. And I know what you're thinking: "If it was such a fashion abomination, Jim, why'd you buy it?". And the answer is, "Because it was the only one that would fit my giant melon-head").

(While I was going all "spray-paint happy", I also painted the front headlight, which was white and blue and had offended my delicate artistic sensibilities for quite some time: If I remember correctly, I bought it in the first place because it was the cheapest.)

I had the ESPN callback Monday morning. And as you can probably guess by the fact that this entry isn't titled, "Honey I Booked The ESPN Gig", I didn't book the ESPN gig.

The callback was a little different than the initial audition--Instead of "warming up", then jogging in place and saying the one line, they had us start on a mark, jog around the room, go back to the mark, then keep jogging while they threw out various "Accountant" lines for us to say (My favorite? "Hey, I didn't say anything about a refund...").

The "vibe" in the room felt good, I was happy with what I'd done (The girl who had run the initial audition complimented me afterwards), and it just came down to the fact that only one guy was going to get it.

I'd let myself build up a bigger head of steam than usual about this one, so I felt a correspondingly bigger letdown when it didn't come to pass.

Add that to the fact that my recent theatre auditions were a bigger source of disappointment than I'd let on in here, my last two weekends were nothing but 48 hours of loneliness and boredom, and I've got a birthday coming up I'd like to just forget is happening, and I've been struggling with pretty strong feelings of gloom and doom lately.

Well, I'd like to whine, whimper, and complain a little more, but I want to see if this email I just got is anything of interest, then catch a few fitful zzzzz's before work.

See ya.


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