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12:59 PM - FRI 05.12.23

Just Another "Win-Win" Situation

Well, can't say I've done much since getting back into town on Tuesday...

Did have a self-tape audition for a low-budget film, which I uploaded to EcoCast day-before-yesterday (It was due today - by 11:00, I think? - but with self-tapes, it's understood that you need to act like they're due ASAP).

Typically, I'm not psyched about low-budget film auditions, since they're usually just an opportunity to do the same kind of nothing roles I get on TV but for less money.

But with the Writers' Strike in full swing, it's not like there's going to be a load of big money-making gigs coming my way. So better to make a little money on a low-budget film than make nothing sitting around the house playing with myself.

And unlike 99.9% of low-budget auditions I get, this one is for the lead - I auditioned with two scenes (A two-person scene, and a monologue), which I thought were well-served by my staying as close to "me" as possible (Over the years, I've gone from thinking I'm some kind of acting "chameleon" who can play whatever, to feeling like my best chance to "pop" in a role is if it's really close to who I am in my day-to-day life. And this felt like the latter kind of role).

So we'll see. It would be nice to do a little acting while making a little money during what would otherwise be a "dry spell" (There's also health insurance to consider - Not counting residuals, I've earned all of $4000 and change so far this year...and the minimum to qualify for insurance is $25,000, so...well, you can do the math).

Also had a voiceover audition yesterday, that felt pretty silly - making a series of "monster noises" - but was fun (Though at this point, if I actually booked a voiceover, I think I'd have a heart attack from the shock).

It was fun hanging out with Jane in Santa Fe, as it always is. And we did get a lot of work done on the IndieGoGo perks.

And, happily, I wasn't bummed out as I left, like I usually am, because, in about three weeks, she'll be back in town.

The documentary is screening in Beaumont (aka "Boomtown") Texas, a couple days before my birthday, and in Philadelphia, a couple days after.

We decided to pass those up - neither of us has the money to attend every film festival that comes along (And I constantly worry about being out-of-town too much) - but we are going to Vero Beach, FL next month.

Vero Beach is supposed to be a really good film-festival, which would be a good reason to go all by itself.

But it also happens to be just a few hours from where my brother Gregg now lives, so it gives him a chance to see the film, and us a chance to hang out a bit.

So "Win-Win", as they say.

(The only "downside", such as it is, is that we won't be able to attend the screening in Marina Del Rey, which runs at the same time. But my main enthusiasm about that one was that it was driving distance from my apartment, which had a certain appeal - So hopefully we'll get accepted by Burbank later this year, which would be even easier than getting to Marina Del Rey.)

So right now, there's something to hope for, and something to look forward to.

In short, things could be worse.

(Till next time...)



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