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4:44 pm - 12/08/07
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(Insert Witty Title Here)

Thurs 12/6/07 (11:24 a.m.)

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to do this without losing my mind; my “scrolling issues” continue (All by itself, my screen just starts scrolling up and down, making it impossible to read, and very challenging to do this).

(One of the things “Still Reading” suggested was that it might be an issue with my mouse. So even though I’m loathe to spend money on a new mouse only to find out that’s not the problem, I don’t really know what else to do. And that would be less annoying/less expensive than my other options–which are to take it somewhere to get looked at, or just throw it out the window and go buy a new laptop.)

So what’s going on...?

I had another same-day audition yesterday, for a Vincent Gallo movie called The Funeral Director.

It was another nothing part (The manager of a storage space, with one line-“Hi. How may I help you? ”), and it’s a SAG “modified low budget” production, which means I’d maybe get $50 and a cheese sandwich for doing it.

So there’s not much there to be excited about, frankly, but I still want it; I could use some movie credits on my resume, and even though I wouldn’t say I’m a Vincent Gallo fan, I did see Buffalo 66, and have read some interviews with him, and he seems like an interesting character (And my “scene” would be with him).

At the audition, after I did my thing, the casting director–who I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at a workshop-mentioned my “look” and how “they’re going to love you”, or something along those lines.

Again with the “look” (How’s that saying go...? “From your mouth to God’s ears”?).

I also had a workshop last night, with Angela Sorensen, from the office that casts Aliens In America and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, amongst other things.

I had a funny scene, as a very strange boss, that I thought went very well (Happily, I felt better about it when we actually did it than I had when we were outside rehearsing it; better that than the other-way-round).

Afterwards, I went out with Molly, Keith, and Sylvia for a drink (They had beers; I had water).

Molly at one point asked if I was doing anything for the holidays, and when I said no, invited me over, so I might do that (I don’t know if she meant on the actual day–It was kind of a generic, “you should come over sometime for the Holidays” invite--so I’ll need to call for clarification. But since Xmas falls on Tuesday, I do have the actual day off).

Anyway...I could have had two auditions yesterday; when I got back from the Funeral Director audition, and was eating and getting ready to head to the workshop, I picked up the phone at one point (I forget why. Guess I was thinking about making a call), and realized I had a voicemail. A rare thing on my land-line.

It was from Vicki L/Direct Talent, from about five hours earlier, which meant it was too late for me to do anything about it (The message had also cut off before she imparted the critical “what” and “where” info).

I don’t understand why she called my land-line, particularly when it was time-sensitive info.

So anyhow, I called her, a little concerned that she’d be mad at me for missing the audition (And kind of mad at her for not calling my cell). But she wasn’t bothered - I think she figured actually reaching me for a same-day audition might be a crapshoot (Though actually, it shouldn’t be, and she shouldn’t be thinking that way).

And on my end, I emphasized that my cell phone was the communication device of choice; I think she’d just gotten my numbers mixed up, which was a little worrisome (She was driving, so I called her back, leaving my cell number on her machine, just to make sure she actually has it).

I think I’ve said it before, but while I like Vicki - she’s a sweetheart, really - I don’t trust her yet. And I don’t mean “I don’t trust her” like I think she’s going to cheat me; I just mean I’m not convinced she’s as “on the ball” as I’d like her to be. Not as “on the ball” as I need her to be.

For another thing: When we talked, she asked if I was coming to the agency Xmas party on Saturday.

I’d emailed her a couple days earlier, to tell her I would not be able to come to the party (In addition, I told her I’d recently met a casting person at a workshop who knew her, and gave her regards).

Again, it might sound like a small thing, but it’s troubling; the party rsvp is neither here not there, but if you're my agent and I tell you I've met a particular casting director, I really want it to go in your mental file for future reference, not your mental waste basket(The other possibility is that it takes her days to read her email, which is also not a small thing, even if it may sound like it).

Still getting the unwanted, unscheduled scrolling...

Almost time to head out to work, but wanted to say a word or two.

Don't know if "Happy" describes how I felt after todays Weight Watcher meeting, but I was definitely "Happy-er" than last week (I lost a pound, as opposed to the fraction-of-a-pound I lost last week).

After Weight Watchers, I was supposed to go work out, but I somehow never quite got there; instead, I went to Target, where I bought new undies, turkey jerky (Which, it turns out, has no fewer calories than regular jerky), the second season of Weeds on dvd - for only $17.95 - and a Diet Coke.

I was supposed to have another workshop today, but they cancelled, which kinda sucked. But what are ya gonna do?

One thing that didn't suck was work last night; I Usher-Greeted the Dome for a sold-out showing of The Golden Compass (The Dome seats 828 people).

Even though I like Usher-Greeting more than anything else at ArcLight, even it can get kind of stale at times. But I always enjoy greeting a sold-out house at the Dome.

Anyway, it's time for me to go (Why didn't I do this earlier, when I had all the time in the world...?)

See you around and about...


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